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Mickey Mouse in his train conductor outfit aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad, returning Disney attraction

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Mindy

    Good on that kid for his witty remark. Parenting done right. That dad is such a killjoy. Why even have kids if you can’t pretend in magic for the sake of your young children?

  2. JGC

    Years ago I was visiting DW with my wife and a friend. we were in EPCOT when a Mickey Mouse cast member in a kimono (we were visiting Japan) walked by towards the cast exit. Her 6-year old son yelled loudly “You’re not really Mickey Mouse!”

    Parents’ heads turned with a mixed look of horror and anger as their children’s fantasy were about to be dashed, when he continued “The REAL Mickey Mouse lives in the Magic Kingdom. You’re an imposter mouse!”

    Dodged a bullet that day.

  3. Christian

    Love it. Life isn’t a big cakewalk. Not everyone should get a trophy. If we teach kids that life can suck and there is nothing wrong with that. Kids being taught everything is always cake and ice cream is why we have so many mental health problems all because some brat didn’t get her way at 25 years old and doesn’t know how to handle it. That kid is going to be an awesome independent hard-working productive human.

  4. Mickeymouse3

    Give that kid a fastpass and a Dole whip!!

  5. Bruce

    I’m more upset that a girl that age has a potty mouth there are other ways to say it

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