Guests Demand Disney World Fire Police Officer After “Inappropriate” Prank

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Walt Disney World Resort employs security Cast Members, both visible and plain-clothed, to keep Guests safe. Additionally, every Guest must go through metal detectors and bag check upon entering the Central Florida Disney Park.

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In case of more severe incidents, police officers are stationed around entrances to the Disney Parks. Some are accompanied by canine companions who sniff for explosives, drugs, and more. Like service animals, these dogs are working and can’t playfully interact with Guests.

Security at Disney World
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On a recent visit to EPCOT, Paul (@pblankemeyer93) witnessed a police officer ask a family if they’d like to pet his police dog. The family was uncertain but reached for the dog only after the officer assured them it was okay. Then, his tone shifted completely:

Thinking about the officer at Epcot yesterday who asked a family if they wanted to pet the police dog and when they responded “are you sure that’s okay?” he nodded yes and when they leaned into pet the dog he pulled him away and said “Absolutely not get outta here!”

Then he laughed to himself and said “you gotta admit I had you going there” and fist bumped the guests and they were polite about it but as they walked away they said “that was so mean” and I agreed

Paul was disgusted by the “mean” prank, as were many Disney Parks fans. @MANDA_LORI_AN suggested reporting the officer:

I would’ve reported him. He shouldn’t be interacting with guests in this manner. Don’t know how hard it would be to get him reassigned but I’d love to ruin his day too.

@ExtinctDisney agreed, calling the prank “immature and inappropriate:”

Immature and inappropriate behavior. I would’ve ensured this was reported. Officers who think this sort of thing is funny should not be at a place with children who don’t understand that sort of thing.

Paul did not state if he or the other family reported the police officer to Disney Guest Relations.

Do you think this prank was appropriate? 

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