Happily Ever After is BACK (With Changes)

in Walt Disney World

Happily Ever After Fireworks at Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

The moment Disney fans have been waiting for is almost here. The Magic Kingdom’s beloved nighttime spectacular, Happily Ever After, is about to debut to Guests… and things are a little bit different.

The updated Happily Ever After at the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Happily Ever After, a firework and projection spectacular celebrating the magic and wonder of Disney’s stories and the magic we all hold inside our hearts, played its final performance at the Magic Kingdom on September 29, 2020… or so we thought. The show was originally slated to end to make way for a new show, Disney Enchantment, which was designed to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

However, Disney Enchantment was met with mixed reviews; it was criticized for not including Walt Disney in a show that was supposed to celebrate Disney’s legacy. Altogether, Guests didn’t find it to be a bad show, just not nearly as wondrous as Happily Ever After. Whether this was the original plan or not, on January 10, 2023, Disney announced that Happily Ever After would make a triumphant return to the Magic Kingdom on April 3, 2023, as part of the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration.

New projections on Main Street during Happily Ever After
Credit: Disney

Last night, select Disney Cast Members got to attend the first preview of the updated show and were the first to see the brand-new additions added by Disney. Happily Ever After has taken a leaf out of Disney Enchantment’s book by extending the projection mapping from just Cinderella Castle to all the way down Main Street, U.S.A. Even Guests standing far away from the castle will be fully enveloped in the color and spectacle, with projections, lasers, and lights on the buildings surrounding them.

Cast Members watching the Happily Ever After preview
Credit: Disney

Disney also debuted the new MagicBand+ programming with the show, a feature that the original version did not have. Guests wearing a MagicBand+ can watch their band change colors in tune with the music and lighting of the show.

Cast Members welcomed the beloved show back with teary eyes and open arms, and Guests can finally let the wonder take hold again on April 3 at the Magic Kingdom.

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