Netflix Announces Bold, New Series To Salvage Subscriber Failures

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Psyduck and a woman inside of a jungle surrounding the Netflix logo

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After announcements of losing subscribers across all streaming platforms, Netflix has announced a new animated series that could change the tides in its favor.

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In the past year, almost every streaming service has faced a dip in users. This is due to multiple factors, including price increases, people spending less time at home, increased broadcast television viewers due to live sports, and massive cuts in content from various studios.

One of the most notable audience drops in the streaming landscape has been with younger demographics, specifically children. This is mainly due to companies removing content, like Warner Bros. Discovery, and an influx in adult-oriented content, like how Disney+ and Hulu will soon merge. And Netflix is no different.

Netflix Needs To Salvage Subscriber Loss

Credit: Netflix

Netflix became one of the most prominent streaming platforms partially because it was one of the first companies to utilize it but also because of its more adult-oriented original series. This includes classics like Stranger Things (2016-present), Orange is the New Black (2013-2019), Squid Game (2021-present), House of Cards (2013-2018), Bridgerton (2020-present), and The Crown (2016-2023). Even Wednesday (2022-present), a show aimed at a younger demographic, mostly appeals to adults.

However, there never has truly been anything that stood out that was directed toward children. Yes, plenty of series eventually made their home on the streaming service, but nothing notable was explicitly created for Netflix. Fortunately, it looks like that is about to change with a brand new original animated series based on one of Nintendo’s most prominent franchises.

‘Pokémon Concierge’ Could Bring In Other Streamers’ Lost Younger Audience

A woman riding a scooter with Psyduck in the basket in a tropical campground
Credit: Netflix, Pokemon Company

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Pokémon is easily the most successful media brand ever, bringing in approximately $88 billion annually. Compare this to its next closest competitor, Mickey Mouse and Friends, which only brings in $52.2 billion.

This is primarily because of Pokémon’s mass appeal across multiple mediums, including movies like Detective Pikachu (2019), video games created by Game Freak, and television series. And that’s not even getting into the Pokémon trading card game, comic books, theme park attractions, and toys! Now, Pokémon Company International can add a Netflix series to that list with Pokémon Concierge (2023).

Pokémon Concierge follows Haru, the new concierge at Pokémon Resort. It’s her job to make sure that the Pokemon at the resort are relaxed and have fun. While this seems like a simple premise, the thing that draws you in is the incredible art style.

Pokémon Concierge is a stop-motion animated series, separating itself from the anime that followed Ash Ketcham and Pikachu for 25 seasons. Inside the newly released trailer, viewers can see some of their favorite Pokemon relaxing and playing on the tropical island, including Pikachu, Snorlax, Psyduck, Mudkip, Dragonite, Eevee, Magikarp, and so many more.

Pidgeot smiling in a tent it destroyed in front of Mudkip and two humans
Credit: Netflix, Pokemon Company

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This is arguably the cutest Pokémon have ever looked, with each pocket monster looking like it was either molded from clay or sewn together with felt. This hand-created appearance is completely unique from anything else in the Pokémon universe.

A Netflix Original like this is huge for the platform, not just because this is the first original series created by the Pokémon  Company for Netflix, but because it opens the door wide for that younger demographic lost by the likes of Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery. If this goes well, along with the likes of Nimona (2023) and the upcoming Avatar The Last Airbender (2024) live-action series, Netflix could become the premiere streaming service for children.

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