‘Pokemon’ Entirely Changed, Pikachu Gone Forever

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sad pikachu in detective pikachu pokemon

Credit: Warner Bros.

The Pokemon franchise is going through a monumental change, as the first-ever live-action series will debut soon but will alter the story significantly by erasing its most important hero: Pikachu.

Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Pokemon has been a fan-favorite for decades, and it has only surprisingly released one live-action property since the original cartoon was released in 1997. Detective Pikachu (2019) was that live-action property and highlighted the hero, placing him nearly on the level of Ash Ketchum. Ryan Reynolds voiced the fuzzy creature and allowed the world to see what would happen if the franchise’s creatures lived in the real world.

The movie was a hit, leading many fans to believe there could be a sequel. Sadly, that has not yet happened, but Nintendo is releasing a brand-new Detective Pikachu game. This game will showcase the electric Pokemon as he traverses the world, trying to solve mysteries with his partner, Tim Goodman.

This new video game also led many to believe that a sequel movie could reunite Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith as Tim Goodman. There is so much possibility with bringing in live-action Pokemon, though it appears the franchise is going the opposite way.

The first-ever live-action Pokemon series has been revealed, but it’s nothing like what people hope for. The new series will completely alter the franchise and remove Pikachu altogether.

Live-action Pokemon Series Reveals First Look Without Pikachu

The new Pokemon series is to be released in Japan, so there is currently no translation for the trailer. However, everyone can gather the gist of the new series from the trailer alone. We will also provide the synopsis below:

Modaka was a huge Pokémon game fan as a child. But, of course, she hasn’t touched the games in 20 years when we meet her on the show. She has, however, moved to the big city and realized achieving your dreams isn’t always as easy as it seems. But thankfully, her mom sends her a care package with her old Pokémon games to help her life transform. And then the Pokémon magic begins.

Strangely, the first-ever live-action series won’t feature any sort of Pokemon characters at all. There will be no CGI or even some augmented reality like in the Pokemon Go mobile game. Instead, the new series will focus more on the dramatic side of things as a girl named Modaka will share her love through the original Gameboy games.

The series and game originated in Japan, so we imagine a fanbase might want to see this odd take on the most respected franchise. However, this might be too niche and meta to bring people in. Detective Pikachu was so successful because the movie did an excellent job bringing in CGI Pokemon that looked real. Their behaviors were well-documented on screen, too.

This new series will be called Pokemon but won’t involve any of the animals. This is just strange. Ash Ketchum did just end his long run as the main character of the original animated series, as he finally became a Pokemon Master. The series first started in 1997 and finally wrapped up just months ago. If this is the direction that the franchise is now taking, we don’t think many people will want to follow along.

With how successful video game adaptations have been lately, like Super Mario Bros., The Last of Us, and Uncharted, there is undoubtedly a way to achieve massive success by bringing live-action elements to these beloved properties. Starting a live-action Pokemon series with nothing to do with the elusive world of catching these wild creatures might not be that successful.

Ash smiling at a sleeping Pikachu
Credit: The Pokemon Company

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There are no plans to offer an English dubbed version of the above series, but if that happens, we wonder what long-time fans will think of it. Without bringing in the beloved Pikachu, we are unsure if any property will be popular.

What do you think of the Pokemon live-action series removing Pikachu and the other animals? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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