‘Star Wars’ Fans Change Lanes, New Series “More Compelling Than ‘Mandalorian'”

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ming-na wen (left) and temuera morrison (right) with jabba's throne in the book of boba fett

Credit: Lucasfilm

When The Book of Boba Fett — billed by creator Jon Favreau as both “the next chapter” in The Mandalorian saga and The Mandalorian Season 2.5″ — debuted last week on December 29, 2021, it received mixed reviews from critics and the Star Wars fan base alike.

book of boba fett temuera morrison (left) and fennec shand (right)
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Despite initial skepticism — and complaints that the first episode of the much-hyped series was “disappointingly short” — fans online are loving the 52-minute second episode of the latest live-action Star Wars series.

This is a spoiler free zone, but for those unfamiliar with The Book of Boba Fett, which stars Temuera Morrison (Boba Fett) and Ming-Wen (Fennec Shand), the series picks up immediately after the duo stormed Jabba the Hutt’s former palace and killed Bib Fortuna (Michael Carter) in The Mandalorian Season 2 finale episode post credits scene.

book of boba fett temuera morrison
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Fett is now operating as Daimyo in the Tatooine town of Mos Espa, learning how to work with others for the first time in his legendary bounty hunting career. Favreau recently noted:

“Although Boba Fett is a very experienced bounty hunter, he’s not experienced at running a criminal syndicate or managing forces. He’s not normally a newcomer. He’s an expert as we see him in most areas. But in this case, he’s trying to transition to another position.”

book of boba fett crimson dawn battle
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Twitter user Dozza kicked things off with a bold statement, calling the newest live-action Star Wars show “more compelling” than Favreau and Dave Filoni’s hit series The Mandalorian:

Book of Boba Fett is pretty damn great, more compelling than Mando atm tbh

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Felix is also 100% onboard after the second installment of the seven-episode season:

Chapter 2 of The Book of Boba Fett is excellent, anyone who wasn’t impressed by Ch 1 surely has to eat their words now

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The Mando spinoff is also growing on Andrew Roberts, who simply shared:

I’m growing more glad that The Book of Boba Fett exists by the episode.

He added in the comments:

Temuera Morrison getting a chance to play Boba and just killing in every capacity from the drama to the action, he’s just awesome.

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Mammoth Rider noted:

I was in the minority who already liked the first Episode of the Book of Boba Fett, and this second episode just proves it to me. Just a fantastic episode and direction to go, and I can’t wait toll the next one

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The third episode of The Book of Boba Fett will air on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

grogu surprised
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Fans are still expecting a number of cameos moving forward. Grogu is reportedly set to appear, for example, and many fans are also hoping for cameos by Timothy Olyphant’s Marshal Cobb Vanth, and, of course, Harrison Ford’s Han Solo — CGI, obviously — but showrunner Robert Rodriguez and other members of the crew have yet to confirm any details regarding special appearances by Star Wars fan-favorites.

Have you watched The Book of Boba Fett Episode 2? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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