What Is the Most Iconic and Favorite Disney Snack? Fans Speak Out

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Disney Snacks are a huge deal. Not only are they a major part of a Guest’s Disney Park visit, but some make Disney food the highlight of their trip. But with so many options — from churros to Dole Whip to Mickey pretzels — what is the most iconic snack? And what are people’s favorites?

Favorite Disney Snack
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Well, we decided to take a poll on Instagram to find out what our audience thinks is the most iconic and favorite Disney Snack. We’ve compiled all the responses, and here are the top three most iconic and favorite Disney snacks!

Third Place — Churro

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The answer is high on the list but believe it or not, it’s a more beloved Disneyland snack than it is one of the Disney World snacks. They just taste better at Disneyland whether it be the original flavor or the seasonal offerings.

It seems that there may be a different churro recipe on each coast that has this treat of cinnamon sugar goodness more wildly popular at the original Disney Park. The smell of churros just immediately reminds you of Disneyland, as it’s the first smell you’re embraced with as you walk through the gates. It’s definitely a must-have treat when you’re at the Disneyland Resort.

Craving churros? You can also find these in stores if you don’t want to make them yourself, but if you do, you can try churros, churro toffee, churro ice cream sandwiches, or a churro Mickey waffle!

Second Place — Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Mickey Bars
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The Mickey Bar has to be one of the most classic Disney Snacks. Ice cream has been a favorite snack at Disneyland since its opening day in 1955. It all started with a mouse so why not turn ice cream into Mister Mouse himself?

The crunchy chocolate outside and soft vanilla ice cream inside are the perfect flavors of nostalgia. You can find Mickey Bars and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches at your local grocery store or make them with your family at home!

First Place — Dole Whip

Dole Whip
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No shocker that this sweet treat is a fan favorite! Dole Whip has become such an iconic Disney Parks snack that it went from only having the original pineapple flavor to a Dole Whip Float, lemon flavor, lime flavor, mango flavor, raspberry flavor, Dole Whip Nachos, and for the adults, alcoholic Dole Whip.

These are known as the flavors of escape and vacation which are a staple in Adventureland of both Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom. Try your hand at creating one in your kitchen, with recipes for the iconic Dole Whip, Dairy-Free Dole Whip, and Dole Whip cupcakes!

Other Popular Disney Snacks

We got a ton of responses on our poll so we feel like we should definitely feature some of the other iconic Disney Snacks.

Mickey Pretzel
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Mickey-shaped snacks are always a go-to when visiting the Disney Parks so it’s only fair that the Mickey Pretzel was another popular response along with the Mickey waffle and Mickey caramel apple.

Mickey Popcorn
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The smell of popcorn is also another scent that greets you upon arriving at the Disney Parks. More popular than the snack itself — the popcorn bucket! Many Guests line up to purchase and collect these souvenirs.

Unique Disney Snacks

Though many of these answers that we got were ones that we expected, some Disney fans have shared their love for a unique snack at the Disney Parks.

  • Guests love to head over to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom for a Cheshire Cat Tail, but at Disneyland many will head to Critter Country for a Tigger Tail.
  • The Night Blossom Drink at Pandora inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom is just as colorful at Pandora itself.
  • This cookie is unique to Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure — Of course we are talking about the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num!
  • Shockingly, Mickey Beignets were not on the list of iconic Disney snacks, but the drink that is often paired with them, the Mint Julep, was!
  • This Disney fan’s answer is by far the most unique of all. Answering with a snack from Hong Kong Disneyland, the BBQ Squid!
Cheshire Cat Tail
Credit: Disney

Do you love these iconic Disney snacks or do you have a unique favorite snack from the Disney Parks? Share with us in the comments!

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