Epcot Overhaul Underway: What’s Already Open and What’s Coming Soon

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Epcot Overhaul

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Walt Disney wanted to build a community of tomorrow that would never be completed. He wanted a place where people could live and work and to demonstrate and then introduce new ideas and new systems.

And that is exactly what Epcot is. Epcot is constantly changing and constantly growing, especially now! During the 2019 D23 Expo, Bob Chapek, Chairman of Parks, Experiences and Products, and Zach Riddley of Walt Disney Imagineering announced several big projects coming to Epcot — Some of which we have already seen and some of which are coming soon.

Epcot ball
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One of these changes is that Epcot is debuting three brand new lands – replacing what is now known as Future World. The purpose of these three new lands is so that all of Epcot will be a unity of four neighborhoods that speak to each important aspect of the world. World Showcase, which has already been apart of this park, will be joined by World Celebration, World Nature and World Discovery. (You can read more about these changes here).

But there is so much more coming to Epcot (and that has already made its debut) which Disney guests can look forward to.

Here is a complete guide to everything that is already open at Epcot and to everything that is coming soon to the theme park.

Credit: Disney

What’s Already Open

New Starbucks Location

If you are looking to get your Starbucks fix at Epcot during the pretty massive changes happening you are in luck. Disney guests can visit a temporary location, the Traveler’s Café, during the Epcot overhaul to indulge in some delicious Starbucks coffee, tea, and treats.

You can read more about the Traveler’s Café here.

Character Spot
Credit: Disney

New Character Meet and Greet Locations

The Epcot Character Spot located in Innoventions West is now closed to Disney guests, but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet some of your favorite Walt Disney World characters around the park.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Joy, and others are available to meet Disney guests throughout the park, though they may not be in their normal locations.

If you are headed to Epcot soon and want to visit some of your favorite Disney characters, be sure to check out our full Character Meet and Greet Guide, here. 

Mouse Gear
Credit: Disney

Temporary Mouse Gear Location

Mouse Gear is now officially closed for refurbishment and Epcot has opened its new temporary location on January 6.

Disney guests who are looking to shop around can visit Mouse Gear’s temporary location, which is located just behind the Electric Umbrella across the breezeway on the side closest to Mission Space. (In the space that was once part of Innoventions).

Gusteau's Restaurant Sign in EPCOT
Credit: Disney

New Gusteau Sign Installed

The sign for Gusteau’s Restaurant was raised at Epcot’s France Pavilion, which brings us another step closer to the debut of the new Ratatouille ride, which is opening soon at Walt Disney World.

You can read more about the debut of Gusteau’s Restaurant sign here. 

Epcot Experience

Epcot Experience
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney Imagineering invites Disney guests to explore and be involved in the progress predicted by Walt Disney himself. The biggest transformation in Disney park history is currently underway at Epcot as the theme park welcomes “the next generation of immersive storytelling with brand-new attractions and astonishing interactive experiences.”

The Epcot Experience is now open at the Odyssey Events Pavilion, where guests can “discover a series of engaging exhibits that showcase the relentless innovation, energy and excitement driving the park’s unprecedented evolution!”

You can read more about the Epcot Experience here. 

What’s Coming Soon

beauty and the beast
Credit: Disney

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along (Set to debut on January 17, 2020)

It’s almost time! The Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along is set to open in the France Pavilion at Epcot on January 17, 2020!

According to Disney, this new experience “will invite guests to participate in a twist on a tale as old as time, featuring narration from Angela Lansbury, who played Mrs. Potts in the original film.”

Fans of Impressions de France don’t need to worry as the new sing-along will run in rotation with Impressions de France.

You can read more about the new Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along here. 

Awesome Planet (Set to debut on January 17, 2020)

Awesome Planet is debuting in The Land Pavilion and will showcase “spectacular nature photography, immersive in-theater effects, and space sequences created by none other than Industrial Light & Magic.”

Canada Far and Wide
Credit: Disney

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 (Set to debut on January 17, 2020)

Disney guests will be immersed in breathtaking views of the Great White North when Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 debuts on January 17, 2020!

Credit: Disney

HarminoUS (Set to debut in Spring 2020)

HarmoniouUS is Epcot’s upcoming nighttime spectacular. The new show is going to be packed full of entertainment, highlighting Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast as well as some of Epcot’s countries like Canada, China and of course, planet Earth.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming nighttime spectacular, HarmoniouUS.

Credit: Disney

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (Set to debut in Summer 2020)

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is going to be Epcot’s latest attraction in World Showcase. The new attraction will be filled with lots of family fun!

We made a complete guide, containing everything you need to know before Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens up in Epcot.

Regal Eagle
Credit: Disney

Regal Eagle Smokehouse (No set debut date yet)

Disney describes the new restaurant as:

“Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue, the new fast-casual restaurant opening this winter (2019) will serve American backyard barbecue and home-style craft brews. This restaurant takes its name from Sam Eagle; the beloved Muppet will host a centennial cook-off – a salute to all cook-offs… but mostly barbecue.”

You can read more about the Regal Eagle Smokehouse here.

Space 220 (No set debut date yet)

Here’s how Disney describes Space 220:

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll step into a special space elevator that will take you 220 miles above the earth’s surface and offer incredible celestial views. You’ll feel as if you’re traveling straight up into space to dock next to the Centauri Space Station suspended just beyond the orbit of Mission: SPACE. Upon arrival, you will be guided to your seats past the grow zone, a spinning wall of produce that mimics Earth’s gravity and represents some of the fresh ingredients used by the restaurant’s culinary team. 

You can read more about Space 2020 here.

Credit: Disney

DuckTales World Showcase Adventure (No set debut date yet)

Disney guests can join Scrooge McDuck, Donald, Launchpad, Webby, and the boys on their latest international treasure hunting adventure in this interactive adventure by using your smartphone!

You can read more about the DuckTales World Showcase Adventure here.

There is so much coming to Epcot for this major overhaul. What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments.

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