Overhaul of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth: Massive changes Coming Soon!

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This year’s D23 Expo came with some big announcements for Epcot earlier today, with an overhaul of the entire park into four distinct neighborhoods AND a newly designed interior experience for Spaceship Earth.

Where Future World currently sits, three new neighborhoods will emerge: World Nature, World Discovery and World Celebration, in addition to of course, World Showcase.

Located in the new World Celebration Neighborhood, the park’s icon will be remaining as a powerful force for guests entering and exploring the park, however the attraction’s interior will be revamped.

\"Story Light\" by EPCOT\'s Spaceship Earth
Credit: Kurt Schmidt/ITM

Shifting from an experience focused on sharing the history of human communication, the new Spaceship Earth will focus on a core Disney element: storytelling. A new magical light beam called a “story light” will come to life and guide guests through each show scene. While select classic scenes from the attraction are set to stay put, a new guide and new narration will be added.

The new narration will provide greater insight into the human experience and storytelling that connects guests from all over the world (and therefore follows through with the mission of Epcot). Enhanced show scenes with new technological effects will capture the universal nature of the human experience, and bring about something relatable and interesting for the whole family.

Spaceship Earth
Credit: Kurt Schmidt/ITM

During the announcements at today’s panel, Bob Chapek explained the importance of Spaceship Earth to the park: “37 years as an icon of Epcot, Walt Disney World, and the Walt Disney Company, and we are excited to evolve this unique attraction in a way that will appeal to the variety of guests who visit Walt Disney World.”

While official details about which show scenes are remaining as they exist in the current version of Spaceship Earth (or who the narrator will be), we’re sure the new attraction will help pay tribute to the original message of Epcot while paving the way for the future.

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in Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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