Comments for Overhaul of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth: Massive changes Coming Soon!

spaceship earth

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    As long as there is hope for tomorrows child for a return too bc the front back to normal w the logo its sse and epcot again! I hope if its not judi dench whose been an amazing narrator all these yrs they get someone whose got a presence and a voice as much as Cronkite, irons, and dench was! Also does this new clip of moana in sse reminds anyone else of the orginal exit which was guest relations and for kids days waiting and watching pixeled videos of what you would see at epcot?! I would love to see something like this be pretty cool for them to go this might be new epcot but we remember things too! As someone said on another comment they are meeting us half way and like i said somewhere else theres hope just in the fact epcot will be 100% open and running again and thats the future!

    1. Mark

      Now that you mention the exit i remember waiting there bc guest relations was everything including restaurant reservations etc and watching welcome to epcot in pixel vision… i do wonder like you if they are doing this! Tomorrows child would be great but not holding my breathe no offense! I am excited for whats to come!
      I heard theres new theme music too is that going to get released or is that just part of the new firework show?

      1. Harley

        It be nice to have TC back i know pipedream anyways my kid whom considers sse a “friend” was so excited to hear its getting an update! And that epcot updates made mommy ?
        The music you are referring to is the theme heard at the end of the epcot live feed… its just the theme i think! Could be wrong!

  2. What a thrill these new three new neighborhoods, I don’t see the time to meet them!

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