Disney’s NEW Starbucks Traveler’s Cafe Now Open at EPCOT

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You can finally get your Starbucks fix once again at Epcot! The theme park has been undergoing some pretty massive renovations over the past few months, and as the Epcot overhaul continues, we can finally have our beloved Starbucks again. Only this time we’ll have to visit a temporary location: the Traveler’s Café!

If you’re unaware, for the past several weeks Disney World’s Epcot theme park has been without a Starbucks location. While there are Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea locations in ever Disney theme parks, the coffee-loving community and tourists around Disney property often opt for Starbucks since it’s the coffee they’re used to. But the former Starbucks location in Epcot — known as Fountain View — closed a short while ago (along with a few other locations like Club Cool) — since Epcot’s Future World is undergoing a massive transformation. This area will be reimagined into World Celebration. And since Starbucks closed, guests haven’t been able to get their Starbucks coffee fix in Epcot…until today!

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The all-new temporary Starbucks location in Epcot, now called the Traveler’s Café, has officially opened today on Christmas Eve, and those spending their holiday week at Walt Disney World are in for a real treat. This temporary Starbucks stand is sort of like a Starbucks pop-up, reminiscent of the outdoor kiosks that pop up with every Epcot festival, like the International Food & Wine Festival or the International Flower & Garden Festival.

Traveler’s Café is located on the Rose Walk path near Refreshment Port on the Canada side of the entrance to the World Showcase.

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At the time of this article’s publication, we’re unable to find the Traveler’s Café on the Walt Disney World website or the My Disney Experience App, since it did just open today. But even though it is a temporary Starbucks location and the permanent location won’t open until a yet-to-be-announced later date, we still predict that the Traveler’s Café will be added to the Disney World website and app soon enough.

We’re also not so sure that this location will end up being temporary. It looks very similar in style to modern Starbucks locations all across the U.S., and since Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea has stands like this throughout the Disney Parks, we wouldn’t be surprised if Epcot opted for this kiosk-style location to stay permanent. We’ll keep you updated if we find out more information.

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Want some fun Starbucks drink ideas to commemorate your first drink at the new Epcot Starbucks? We’ve got you covered! Try these Frozen-inspired beverages to get your coffee fix in a magical drink!

Are you happy that the all-new Starbucks location is open at Epcot? Do you miss Fountain View or are you just happy you can get satisfy your Starbucks cravings again? Let us know in the comments!

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