DeSantis Declares Defeat For “Woke” Disney, “We Won the Battle!”

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Disney and DeSantis, laughing while Mickey Mouse looks scared, in front of Space Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort. The DeSantis Disney battle.

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According to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his battle with the Walt Disney Company is officially over. But has the Republican presidential candidate really defeated the House of Mouse?

DeSantis looking ominously at Mickey Mouse
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The feud between Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney has been long and harrowing. Originally started when the multimedia giant spoke out against the colloquially named “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, DeSantis retaliated with full force, transforming the Reedy Creek Improvement District into the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

What followed were numerous sanctions and restrictions imposed upon the district and Walt Disney World Resort. The Walt Disney Company followed in kind, suing the Governor and canceling construction of the Lake Nona campus that would have brought billions of dollars to the state of Florida. Meanwhile, DeSantis continued to attack his state’s most significant financial resource, as well as any organization he deemed too “woke.”

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Now, the war between the two has been waging for over a year and a half, and multiple people are tired of it, including the people who live in the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District and DeSantis’ fellow Republicans, like Donald Trump, Chris Christie, and Nikki Haley.

However, it looks like this drawn-out battle is finally over! At least, that’s what Ron DeSantis wants his constituents to think.

Florida Governor Declares Victory in Disney-DeSantis Feud

DeSantis at inauguration in Tampa
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In a recent interview/ad campaign with Bob Vander Plaats, the President and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader, Governor Ron DeSantis discussed being against gender ideology, what defines good Christian values, and people forcing their ideologies on others. Naturally, the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law came up, along with his feud against the Walt Disney Company.

“Disney, which is the most powerful corporation in the history of Florida, they came out whole hog against it,” said DeSantis. “A lot of these old guard Republicans were telling me that somehow Disney, when they call the shots, you just got to bend the knee, and I said no way, I’m not going to sit idly by and let people corrupt the innocence of our kids.”

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Governor Ron DeSantis continued, “If we can’t stand up for our kids in those situations, then we’re not good for anything, so we fought back against Disney, we had a big battle with them, and we won the battle against Disney.”

The Republican Governor went on to describe what this meant for the nation as a whole, saying, “I’ll tell you the fact that we were willing to stand up to [Disney], that had reverberations across this country. I think you do have some CEOs that they’re not necessarily bought into this agenda…They can say, well gee, I don’t want to end up like Disney people may fight back from the [political] right now. So I think we helped kind of refocus business and America in a better way. I think it was going off the rails.”

Has He Really Defeated Disney?

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Alright, to go into more detail, this feud is clearly far from over. While DeSantis may think he has won by forcing new sanctions on the former Reedy Creek Improvement District and talking about how good he’s doing. Meanwhile, Disney has mostly laid quietly for the actual trial.

What DeSantis is trying to sum up as a single battle is actually a long, drawn-out war that Disney is more than willing to continue fighting. It has the money, resources, and power behind it to prove its point. Meanwhile, the DeSantis team seems to be trying to distance themselves from Disney as much as possible until it benefits his presidential campaign.

Ron DeSantis looking sad with Mickey Mouse laughing on his shoulder
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On top of this, most of Disney’s ammunition in this “battle” has come from DeSantis himself, whether it’s his memoir where he admits to targeting the Walt Disney Company or being so committed to his position that most constituents have distanced themselves from the Florida Governor. Ultimately, Disney is the albatross around DeSantis’ neck that will cost him the Republican presidential nomination.

Years after his career is over, Governor Ron DeSantis will simply be remembered as the politician who tried to fight Disney at the cost of his own state. Whether that makes him a martyr or a fool is up to perspective.

Do you think Governor Ron DeSantis has actually defeated Disney? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below.

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