Disney Shuts up DeSantis, Shows Massive Power Over Florida Economy

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Disney's governing district - An image to the left of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a photo to the right of the Magic Kingdom castle with a vs. graphic in the middle.

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Disney just proved that the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) is a massive failure under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, as a new report indicates just how successful the Walt Disney Company has been for Florida.

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Recent Updates on the Disney vs. DeSantis vs. The CFTOD

The political and legal feud between Governor Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney World (WDW) continues progressing. In a new poll by N.Y. Breaking and posted to DailyMail, more than 50% of Republicans agree on DeSantis going after Disney World. The poll showcases how most Republicans agree; there is massive support from DeSantis’ followers and like-minded political members.

In recent developments, former President Donald J. Trump addressed a sizable audience at a rally for his forthcoming Presidential campaign, expressing critical remarks directed toward WDW.

In a rather unconventional turn of events, it has been suggested that Ron DeSantis is contemplating the establishment of a theme park that could compete with the stature of the Walt Disney World Resort. This revelation follows a certain degree of ambiguity in his statements, prompting widespread speculation regarding his precise intentions.

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Allegations of corruption are surfacing against the CFTOD, with substantial revelations highlighting the considerable compensation received by individuals on the board under the influence of Governor DeSantis. The magnitude of these paychecks has raised concerns among many, prompting inquiries into the justification for such remuneration. The board members are now under scrutiny, with their financial arrangements raising suspicions and encouraging questions about potential impropriety.

But in the latest news, Disney has shown their power and strength in the state of Florida as new information has been released detailing just how much the Walt Disney Company puts into the Central Florida economy.

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Scott Gustin, industry insider and reporter, recently released some shockingly new information on the Walt Disney Company. Here is the latest information:

NEW: Walt Disney World generated $40.3 billion in economic impact across Florida and more than 250k direct/indirect jobs in fiscal year 2022, according to a new study from Oxford Economics.

Note: The results are from 2022 – before the appointment of the new Reedy Creek board.

Walt Disney World generated $40.3 billion into the Central Florida economy in 2022 before Reedy Creek became the CFTOD. According to a new study by Oxford Economics, the House of Mouse added 250,000 direct-indirect jobs in 2022.

The idea that WDW succeeded before the Reedy Creek transition under Ron DeSantis shows how big a failure his takeover has been since. The 2023 fiscal year numbers will not be released for quite some time, but those numbers might show a steady decline from 2022, showing how the CFTOD has impacted the Disney economy in Florida.

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