DeSantis Sinks Disney as Republicans Join Forces With Florida Governor

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The fight between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney World intensifies as Republicans look to join forces with DeSantis to sink Disney in the coming months, a new poll shows.

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Inside Trading, Corruption, and More – Oh My! DeSantis, Disney War Intensifies

For those not following what’s been happening in the ongoing political and legal feud between Walt Disney World (WDW), the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD), and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Inside The Magic has you covered.

In recent news, the CFTOD is being accused of corruption following some significant information detailing just how big the paychecks have been for those who are on the board and under the control of DeSantis. Many are questioning just how justified these paychecks are and how this all looks regarding the board members looking as if they have been engaging in suspicious behavior.

In other news, former President Donald J. Trump took shots at WDW in a speech in front of thousands of people during a rally for his upcoming Presidential bid.

In more outlandish news, it would appear that Ron DeSantis is looking to potentially build a theme park that would rival the likes of Walt Disney World Resort. The announcement came after some of his comments were taken for granted, leading many to speculate his exact meaning.

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How Did This Entire Feud Start?

The disagreement between Disney and Ron DeSantis was initiated in February 2022 concerning a bill that limited discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida schools until third grade. Opponents of Disney’s stance contend that the company has been granted excessive autonomy.

Meanwhile, critics of Governor DeSantis’ position argue that it may adversely impact business and free speech, asserting that his administration is detrimentally affecting one of the state’s major employers and contributors to the tax base.

But now, it would seem that many Republicans agree with the war between DeSantis and Disney World, according to a new poll.

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New Poll Reveals Republicans Agree With DeSantis in War Against Disney World

In a recent article by N.Y. Breaking, a new poll from J.L. Partners reveals that many Republicans agree with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his ongoing feud with Disney World. In the survey that was pulled from DailyMail, 544 Republican debate viewers were polled and asked, “Was Ron DeSantis right to go after Disney?” to which over 50% out of the 544 who were asked said “Yes” and only 33% said “No.”

Those viewers polled were from a recent debate between the Florida Governor and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who is running against DeSantis for the 2024 Republican nomination. Haley did mention that her state would welcome Disney’s jobs if DeSantis did not want them.

But others argue that DeSantis’s war with Disney and his war against “woke” is hurting his Presidential run; typically speaking, most Americans care more about policies than personal vendettas.

But what are your thoughts? Is DeSantis correct in going to war with Disney World? What will the outcome be? 

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