“Woke Disney” Faces New Christian Challenger

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the Aslan puppet from Logos Theatre's anti "woke Disney" production of "A Horse and His Boy"

Credit: The Logos Theatre

In the midst of more and more people claiming to be against “woke Disney,” the South Carolina-based theatre company Logos Theatre says its traveling tours offer an alternative to the Disney magic.

Disney rainbow balloons at a Pride parade.
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In the past few years, the Walt Disney Company has attempted to be more progressive and inclusive, resulting in more diverse storytelling, firing aggressive far-right actors like Gina Carano, and speaking out against laws that directly affect their employees.

However, this movement toward inclusivity has upset several Disney fans, particularly those with far-right political leanings. They have even claimed that Disney is attempting to indoctrinate young children into radical ideologies instead of the morals that were upheld by Walt Disney himself.

Halle Bailey as Ariel in live-action 'The Little Mermaid'
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This has led people to decry movies like The Little Mermaid (2023), review bomb films like Peter Pan and Wendy (2023), and even boycott Disney Parks like Walt Disney World and Disneyland because of this “woke ideology.” It has been somewhat effective, with Disney having some of their worst box office numbers in history.

Former Disney fans have since been clamoring for another production company to take the reins for “more appropriate” family-friendly affairs, and many have tried, but none have seemed to get the same traction as the House of Mouse. However, a theatre company based in South Carolina is being celebrated by Fox News and other right-leaning outlets.

The Theatre Company Taking on “Woke Disney”

Dragon puppet from anti "woke disney" company Logos Theatre
Credit: The Logos Theatre

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The Logos Theatre is a Christian-based theatre company known for its technically spectacular productions, mostly based around C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, filled with quality performances and breathtaking puppetry. However, they have recently garnered the most attention for attempting to draw in the audiences that Disney is losing.

According to Artistic Director Nicole Chavers Stratton, she understands parents wanting their children to see family-friendly entertainment that affirms their values instead of “indoctrinating them to espouse secular views on gender,” saying, “We’re realizing God has raised us up at such a time as this.”

Stratton, who claims to have rejected working for Disney in Orlando to “pour her talents into young people,” also spoke on Disney making more inclusive changes like removing the phrase “ladies and gentleman” and changing lyrics to songs in The Little Mermaid.

“If you take some of that away from our children, we all have young children. What do we give them in its place?”

Conservative media outlets, particularly Fox News, have praised Logos Theatre as “the David to Disney’s Goliath.” Time will tell if they’re as accurate as the Biblical hero.

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