Fox Reporter Blasts Disney For Becoming “Too Woke,” Trust Has Been Broken

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Splash Mountain entry sign

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One reporter has had enough with The Walt Disney Company pandering to the “woke” and needs to stop pandering to the mob that finds anything that the company does in its parks or on Disney Plus to be insensitive and took to Fox News to show her displeasure with Disney and the Disney CeCEO.

Ron DeSantis and Roy O. Disney with Disney World's Cinderella Castle in the background

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It seems like this debate has become a daily occurrence in pop culture. Either Disney is insensitive, or the company is too “woke.” The references have become a constant. However, it’s now getting to the point where some are just going to start outright doing away with dealing with The Walt Disney Company in every form or fashion together.

Last week, it appeared that Disney’s efforts to promote representation, diversity, and inclusion on its latest shows and movies have backfired, as a scene in the Disney Plus original reboot, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, had sparked controversy among viewers who claim that Disney continues to promote “woke garbage” now adding “anti-white” propaganda on a “kids show.”

In the clip from the Disney Plus, original show The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder (2022), shared by @cartoonishclaude on TikTok, Penny Proud (Kyla Pratt), Dijonay Jones (Karen Malina Whiteand), Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins (Keke Palmer), Myron Lewinski (Marcus T. Paulk), and Zoey Howzer (Soleil Moon Frye) perform a reparations rap criticizing systemic prejudice, racism, and white supremacy that affect thousands, if not millions, of Americans each year.

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To make matters worse, just a few days ago, one New York Post reporter decided to give her take on what her recent visit to Walt Disney World included. Karol Markowicz would claim, “We don’t want to hate Disney. We don’t want to see it destroyed. But the trust has been broken again and again. Parents feel like they must closely monitor what Disney produces, lest the company sneak in just this kind of indoctrination to their children.”
She would go on to include in her op-ed:

If Disney thinks it has pacified the wokesters, it’s mistaken. Walking around the parks with an eye on what the woke will target next is an exercise in finding “problematic” issues everywhere. Disney World bathroom signage at the parks still has depictions of dresses for girls and pants for boys.

Uh-oh! “[I]t’s a small world” uses the same stereotypical depictions of various cultures that Disney has informed us are unacceptable. The Hall of Presidents has much that it “chooses not to depict” about each man. There is no pacifying the rabid left, and the sooner Disney learns this, the better.

We had loved the Disney parks on past visits. We had loved the rides and the way everything just functioned well. The staff had been happy and helpful. While the parks are still successful, what we found on this visit were parks in various states of disrepair.

Many of the rides we went on experienced technical difficulties. It’s not a big deal until you get to the very top of the Expedition Everest ride at Animal Kingdom, and the ride grinds to a halt while everyone in the car Googles to find out why the area is littered with hair ties.

The staff were grumpy, and the new Genie+ and Lightning Lane system was especially confusing and wildly expensive. Disney can ride on the success of the parks but for how long? Its stock price is down nearly 25% since a year ago, right around the time it started bending to the woke mob and making changes not in line with its company philosophy.

Disney and CEO Bob Iger attempted to bring down the temperature when Iger replaced former CEO Bob Chapek. However, things have moved forward, as FL Gov. Ron DeSantis just recently received passage of a new bill that gives him control of the special Reedy Creek district located in Florida. Issues such as gender identity, new films like Strange World (2022), and Splash Mountain have been debated points for Disney fans across the country.

Have there been times when it may have seemed that The Walt Disney Company has crossed the line to appease people? Maybe. That is certainly up for debate. But to claim that Disney together is ruined for good might be a tad too far.

Do you think Disney has become too “woke” and is hurting their brand?  Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below. 

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