Disney Guests Jump Fences, Trespass Into Area Closed For Maintenance

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Guests insist on jumping fences at Disney Parks, this time to access an area currently closed for maintenance.

Disney Parks worldwide are constantly working to provide Guests with the best, most magical experience during their visit, with new and exciting attractions and entertainment offerings, highly immersive new lands, seasonal overlays for some attractions, different upgrades, and even some much-needed maintenance work throughout the Park’s attractions and facilities. However, Cast Members must often close certain areas of the Park for these upgrades and improvements to occur, as restricting their access to them ensures the safety of all Guests while construction and maintenance work takes place.

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Regardless of these restrictions, Guests insist on jumping the fences set out by Cast Members and trespassing into an area currently closed for maintenance.

Disneyland Paris Works (@DisneylandWorks) recently shared pictures of the moving walkways at Disneyland Paris, which are currently closed and blocked by fences.

[Live] Starting your visit with a good walk instead of using conveyor belts is always a must 

 If you dream of seeing the conveyors belts working, click here : http://instagram.com/dlp.works/

Even though these moving walkways are not working currently and are blocked to ensure Guests won’t try to use them, Disneyland Paris Works (@DisneylandWorks) shared images of several Guests who jumped over the fences at the end of the walkway, which is dangerous since the conveyor belts are under maintenance, in addition to the fact that they are slippery due to the recent storms seen at the Parisian Park.

[Live] Some unruly guests have jumped over the fences in order to walk on the non-working conveyor belts….!
(This is not really safe as floor is wet & slippery due the storm! ) #DLPLive

📸 : http://instagram.com/dlp.works/

User @LeeuwisRyan commented the following after seeing these Guests walking along the static walkway:

Climbing on a stage is stupid but i can get why you would do it …kinda….but walking on BROKEN conveyor belts ????? WHY WHAT DOES IT AD TO YOUR DAY

Guests must remember that Disneyland Paris Cast Members set out these fences and restrict access to some areas of the Park to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Guests visiting the Parisian Park.

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More on Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating it’s 30th-anniversary, bringing Guests buckets of Disney magic across Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Village. Guests can also enjoy new shows like Disney D-light — the drone pre-show to the Disney Illuminations fireworks — and the character cavalcade Dream… and Shine Brighter! in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle! Mickey and the Magician also made a grand return as part of the Park’s 30th-anniversary celebrations.

disneyland paris-30th-anniversary-dream-and-shine-brighter-
Credit: Disney

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Disneyland Paris is currently in the early construction stages for a massive Frozen-inspired expansion that will take Guests into the magical land of Arendelle to live their own adventure “Into the Unknown.” You can read more about the development of Disneyland Paris’ World of Frozen here. This Frozen-themed land is part of a multi-year expansion plan at the Parisian Park, which started with Avengers Campus, a land inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe now open for Guests to explore.

Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

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At Avengers Campus, recruits can join forces with some of Earth’s mightiest heroes and live their own Marvel adventure. Guests can explore the different dining offerings at Avengers Campus, like Stark Factory and PYM Kitchen, as well as new heroic attractions like Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, where Guests will be able to meet Iron Man as one of the most advanced animatronics in Disney Parks worldwide.

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