“STAY HOME!” Guest Demands Following Embarrassing Scene at Disney World

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A guest recently came forward to share an enraging experience, accusing Disney parkgoers of having a “f*****g entitlement breakfast” before hitting the parks every morning.

Spanning over 47 square miles of fantasy, fun, and excitement, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, has been a staple of family fun since its opening in 1971. Home to four theme parks — Magic Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and EPCOT — packed with iconic rides and attractions, breathtaking parades and live shows, and more, it’s not hard to see why millions of families choose Disney World as their favorite destination yearly.

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Sadly, the family-friendly environment Disney World officials and cast members work so hard to preserve has been jeopardized by a growing problem with unruly guests taking over the Orlando-based Disney Resort. Inside the Magic has reported on guests sneaking prohibited items into the parks, causing violent brawls inside Disney propertyinappropriately exposing themselves in front of hundreds, and allowing their children to urinate on other parkgoers.

Of course, there are many causes for this unacceptable behavior, but perhaps one of the most common is guest entitlement at Disney Parks.

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We have previously seen parents causing a scene at Disneyland Resort, accusing an alleged couple of influencers of mistreating a child. But the entitlement of some guests has gone beyond a bearable limit for a guest who denounced entitled parkgoers on his social media.

TikTok user @caseysha3 recently posted a video denouncing poor guest behavior at Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, saying he “can’t take it anymore.” “I don’t know what is going on with guests at the parks between Universal and Disney recently, but there must be some kind of f*****g entitlement breakfast that all these people are eating before they come and decide to go enjoy Disney or Universal,” the upset user mentioned.

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Casey commented that he has friends who are cast members at Walt Disney World Resort and team members at Universal Orlando Resort who have told him about unpleasant experiences with guests that have shocked the user, who mentioned that “The sense of entitlement right now with a Disney guest is out of control.”

Sadly, the cosplayer also mentioned that his friend had recently been grabbed at Universal Orlando Resort while working at the park and that the guest got to walk away from the location without park security showing up or reprimanding them.

In addition to the stories the justly upset parkgoer has heard, he commented that he had witnessed coarse interactions and shared his most recent personal experience. Casey mentioned that he cosplays at Disney, showcasing his costume in the video. “I wear that at the park. I don’t work for Disney. I follow all of their cosplay rules. I follow all of the policies of me being in that costume at the park. And when I tell somebody I don’t want to take a picture with you, or I can’t, or just say no, you don’t get to argue with me,” added the cosplayer.

Mickey Mouse character meet and greet at Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris
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The cosplayer continued to share how a family asked to take a picture with him while cosplaying at the park and started making a scene after he refused to avoid getting in trouble with theme park officials. He mentioned that the family allowed their kid to pull on the cosplayer’s costume and props while repeatedly and aggressively asking him to take photos with their child, despite a cast member intervening and explaining that the cosplayer was not allowed to do it.

“And I don’t work for Disney Universal, so I can say whatever the fuck I want,” said Casey, adding, “If this is how you’re gonna act when you come to Disney, please do us all a favor. Don’t come. Just stay home. […] Seriously, stay home. We don’t need any more of that s**t.”

“All the stuff that’s going on with the parks already. With hours being cut and pay being cut and people’s jobs being in jeopardy almost every day, and people getting fired for b******t every day. We don’t need it. Stay home. Please, just stay home. You can see the video below or click here to watch it. Strong language is used, and viewer discretion is advised.

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if this is you – STAY HOME 😤😤 #storytime #disney #distok #disneyworld #cosplay #starwars #fyp #rant #trending #viral #castmembers #universalstudios #teammember

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Costumes at Disney Parks have recently been a hot topic, as a female guest was recently forced to strip at EPCOT minutes after entering the park. Additionally, a guest turned heads with a racy costume and provocative behavior at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom. At the same time, a mother was wrongfully detained during the exclusive event.

And over at Disneyland Resort, guests have caused outrage while visiting Disney California Adventure during Oogie Boogie Bash by wearing a traumatizing set of costumes and taking over the event’s exclusive parade.

Disney California Adventure entrance at night during Halloween time at Disneyland Resort with Oogie Boogie decorations announcing the Oogie Boogie Bash
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It is essential to remember that guests 14 years and older may not wear costumes to any Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or EPCOT unless they’re attending an official Disney event that allows the use of costumes and adhere to the costume guidelines set out by Disney.

However, guests 14 years of age and older can DisneyBound at the Parks, which is wearing a casual (or sometimes formal) outfit inspired by their favorite Disney characters. Regardless, a couple of guests went viral after causing a scene at Disneyland Park with their outfits earlier this year.

Merida running after a little girl dressed as merida and her mother.
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Click here to learn more about the costume guidelines and dress code enforced at Walt Disney World Resort.

What do you think about this unpleasant incident? Have you noticed guests behaving worse at Disney World during your recent trips? Share your opinion with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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