Guest Calls Disney World an “Absolute Zoo” Due to Overly Packed Crowds

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As we continue to fight the ongoing pandemic, more families are eager to get out and travel again. We have seen a massive increase in crowd levels at Walt Disney World, for example, over the last few months. In fact, many are saying that Walt Disney World is operating its attendance on a pre-pandemic level.

While some are happy to see the world becoming more “normalized”, others are upset with the amount of Guests inside the theme park.

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Though at the time of publication, we still have yet to hear an exact number when it comes to Park capacity, but that last confirmed number was 35%, which was released in early 2021. It is clear that the capacity level is much more than 35% due to the current crowd levels at the theme parks, which some Guests are actually complaining about.

One Disney World Guest took to social media to complain about their recent visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth. “Off my chest. I was at Disney yesterday and it was an absolute zoo,” they wrote.

“Just wanted to say that I was at Disney yesterday and it was bananas. The most people I’ve ever seen at Disney World in my entire life, even pre-pandemic,” they continued.

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As more and more people want to begin traveling again, especially after the year of lockdown in 2020, the crowd levels continue to increase at travel destinations such as Walt Disney World. At this time, social distancing is a thing of the past at the theme parks, and Guests are not required to wear masks while outdoors (they are, however, required in indoor settings.)

“Everyone was shoulder to shoulder moving about an inch at a time,” the Disney World Guest continued. “There was no room to walk. Lines were a minimum of 40m for the worst rides and over 2 hours for the more popular rides.”

When it comes to wait times for rides, many were hoping that Disney World would bring back its FastPass+ option, which allowed Guests to choose a time frame for select rides to bypass the standby line. However, last year it was announced that FastPass+ would be retired and, instead, Lightning Lane would be implemented through Disney Genie. 

Lightning Lane is basically paid FastPass+ system, which many are not happy with. In fact, some claim Lightning Lane actually doubled their wait time.

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We have also reported on how many Guests feel crowds are indecent and rude, especially when it comes to line cutting.  This is also something the Disney World Guest noticed as they explained, “People have absolutely no common sense or decency cutting in front and pushing people.”

They continued, “Disney is extremely negligent for packing this many people into the park even pre-pandemic. It’s unfortunate that Disney and people have ruined the magic by trying to squeeze every dollar out of the park rather than setting reasonable capacity.”

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Have you visited Walt Disney World recently? How do you feel about the current crowd levels? Let us know in the comments below.

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