Disney Guests Angered With Others Due to the Disrespect During Shows

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Some Disney Guests are sharing their frustrations as they found others are being more and more disrespectful during certain shows and rides at Walt Disney World. Not only have Guests noticed others talking during shows at the Parks, but they use their cell phones on dark rides, which ruins the experience for others.

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It started when one Disney Guest took to Reddit to share their frustrations with a recent visit to the Disney Parks as they found several others being disrespectful during shows, specifically Impressions de France at EPCOT. They write:

For whatever reason the last 2-3 times I’ve been in Impressions de France I’ve had commentary behind me and have had to move seats just to enjoy the film. Is it really that hard to be quiet for 20 minutes while you watch something?

PS: Turn off things that light up in a dark room

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The Reddit thread has sparked a conversation between other Disney Guests who have experienced the same thing at other parts of the Parks. Reddit user Silverhop writes:

Saddly most people use the theater shows for a break from the heat or somewhere to sit. And they care very little about the show. This ruins it for people who actually came to watch what was playing.

And austinalexan shared their frustrations with the use of cell phones:

Yes and please put away cell phones. Last week was my first time experiencing carousel of progress, and at the scene where the breaker trips and all the lights shut off and it’s pitch dark, a guy pulls out his phone at max brightness to check his texts. So rude.

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User effulgentelephant commented on the post, expressing their views being a musician who has dealt with this being on the other side of things:

Ugh as a musician who has sat through a multitude of performances in my lifetime, everyone please close your trap during the song/performance. Yes, even if it’s your fourth grader who barely knows how to hold their instrument. It ain’t that difficult to be quiet for ten minutes.

Anyway I’ve basically stopped going to movies that aren’t midnight showings of blockbuster films for this exact reason.

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Another user, bgss1984, commented on how it’s not just shows they noticed this in, but on dark rides as well, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Rise of the Resistance:

Agreed, I feel the same way about every attraction/dark ride. There’s nothing worse than someone in front of you filming with a backlit camera on Pirates, Rise, Splash, etc.

To which CharacterExpensive97 chimed in, saying:

Same goes for carousel of progress

And nth_derivative replied:

And the haunted mansion.

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You can check out the full Reddit thread here.

If you are visiting a Disney Park, please be respectful to others. We understand many Guests ride the Carousel of Progress or see Impressions de France to get out of the Florida heat and to rest their feet, but others are there to enjoy the ride or show.

Have you ever dealt with a disrespectful Guest at Disney? Let us know in the comments below.

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