How will YOU celebrate 50 years of Haunted Mansion magic?

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50 Years of Haunted Mansion banner

This week marks a macabre milestone as Disney will celebrate 50 years of Haunted Mansion magic. As a result, this boo-tiful balance of silly spooks and dark delights delivers hot and cold running thrills for fans.

Walt’s retirement home for the afterlife enjoys a Golden Anniversary on August 9th. With this macabre milestone comes a haunting host of eerie events, creepy collectibles, and other assorted fiendish fun.

50 Years of Haunted Mansion

As foolish mortals prepare for this swinging wake, parties, products and tributes materialize. Which begs this chilling challenge: How will YOU celebrate 50 Years of Haunted Mansion Magic. Of course, there’s always my several ways. We’ve listed several of these below.

50 Years of Haunted Mansion banner

A Haunted History

Walt Disney initially wanted his haunted house on Main Street. Inspired by real-world wonders, the iconic antebellum edifice ultimately landed in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square.  For a while, the mansion manifested as mere eye candy. Its stylish façade kept guests curious.  Ultimately, once enough spirited retirees took up residence, the attraction was ready for the arrival of foolish mortals. On August 9th, 1969, The Haunted Mansion opened its moldering sanctum to the delight and amazement of fans from all over the world. Today, Disney’s ghostly retirement home resides in all but one of its worldwide theme parks. Each incarnation inhabiting a different land within the host park.

50 years of Haunted Mansion original mansion

Over the years, “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” the mansion’s theme song, enjoyed scores of variations and re-recordings.  The Haunted Mansion even enjoyed a brief moment on the silver screen. Numerous documentaries detail the dark ride and its fans. Considered the inspiration for countless professional and home haunts, this beloved attraction earned its opportunity to celebrate 50 years of Haunted mansion magic.

Celebrate 50 Years of Haunted Mansion magic with Eerie Events

Disney delivers the ultimate swinging wake with two nights of paranormal parties. This ultimate eerie event includes entertainment, refreshments and special anniversary merchandise. Items include highly coveted Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary bags.

50 years of Haunted Mansion logo pin

50 years of Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke

Thankfully, Disney knows that fans on the East Coast want to celebrate, too. For Florida fans, one-day macabre mansion magic manifests on August 9th, at the Magic Kingdom.

50 Years of Haunted Mansion MK cupcake

Disneyland (Anaheim) recently opened an art exhibit, “Happy Haunts Materialize,” featuring concept art from the Haunted Mansion. Rare figurines and other artifacts also haunt the art show on Main Street.

50 Years of Haunted Manstion art sign

50 Years of Haunted Mansion art exhibit

In California, a trio of parties materialized for those who cannot attend the official event at Disneyland, or just want a bit of extra excitement. “Soiree from Regions Beyond” includes dinner on August 9th. Silicon Valley Comicon hosts “Tomb Sweet Tomb: 50 years of Disney’s Haunted Mansion” at noon on 8/18/19. Finally, “A Swinging Wake” takes place on September 28th

50 Years of Haunted Mansion Regions Beyond

50 years of Haunted Mansion Tomb Sweet Tomb

50 Years of Haunted Mansion Swinging Wake

Celebrate 50 Years of Haunted Mansion Macabre Merchandise

Collecting creepy cool spooky swag is yet another way to celebrate. Collectors love Disney’s official commemorative event items. Those are likely to become priceless works of art.

50 Years of Haunted Mansin adobpt a ghost

Alternatively, artists like Topher Adam, Shelby Denham and Emma Mosier manifest mansion materials perfect for any tomb sweet tomb.

50 years of Haunted Mansion topher adam

50 years of Haunted Mansion tea

Like to read? Courtesy of Amicus Arcane, “Tales from the Haunted Mansion” delivers dark delights.

50 Years of Haunted Mansion Tales from the Haunted Mansion

Additionally, fearless fans found fearsome fun from Etsy and Amazon.

“Disney Parks Presents: The Haunted Mansion” ($17.99)

Enjoy Haunted Mansion magic with some At Home Imagineering

Many foolish mortals shared their passion for the Haunted Mansion with ITM readers over the years. From office makeovers to boo-worthy bedrooms, Disney’s dark attraction inspired many. There’s even a Haunted Mansion themed automobile!

50 years of haunted mansion AHI office

50 Years of Haunted Mansion AHI Bedroom

50 Years of Haunted Mansion wrapped car

At Home Imagineering isn’t limited to elaborate embellishments to one’s crypt. DIY lovers can recreate their own ballroom place setting.

Haunted Mansion delights from Haunted Dimensions offer perfect papercraft creations.

Along the same lines, the living can download and craft their very own Haunted Mansion game.

HM Game

More eerie embellishments for home computers materialize at the Disney Experience. More than likely, all that crafting will scare up an appetite. This is easily vanquished with a serving of haunted mansion cookies.

50 Yeas of Haunted Mansion clock

50 Years of Haunted Mansion cookies

How will YOU celebrate 50 years of Haunted Mansion magic?

With all these ghostly gatherings, spooky swag and dark DIY delights, it seems there’s 999 ways to celebrate! Of course, there’s always room for one more – YOUR paranormal party.  Yes, dear readers, we’d love to know what you are doing to celebrate 50 years of Haunted Mansion magic.

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The End?

In the absence of a ghost host to curate, please personally post your creepy cool celebration plans in the comments section of our Facebook post of this story. Perhaps even share a bone-chilling image or two?

Source and info: ITM archives, Disney, Wikipedia

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