Dooney & Bourke accessories arrive for Haunted Mansion 50th

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Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion

Dooney & Bourke bring boo-tiful new Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary merchandise to the swinging wake! For fortunate foolish mortals with reservations for the attraction’s 50th Anniversary event, three opportunities to purchase the prized possessions exist.

Events celebrating 50 years of retirement unliving materialize on August 7-8 and again on August 8-9. As part of the fiendish fun, guests can acquire a haunting host of Mansion collectibles, including highly coveted Dooney & Bourke accessories.

haunted mansion 50th anniversary

Handbags and Hauntings

Dooney & Bourke’s partnership with Disney delivered dozens of desirable delights. Clearly, fans enjoy the themed handbags representing attractions, characters, and events from the Walt Disney Company. These premium purses, totes, and handbags tend to disappear from shelves rather quickly.

With the Haunted Mansion’s golden anniversary approaching, Dooney & Bourke called in the spirits and conjured a trio of terror-ific treats for fans of the brand. The first two treasures are available to anyone attending the event (via a random selection process). A third, Annual Passholder exclusive item requires an active annual pass for purchase.


Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion bag

Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion 50th Cross Body


Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion Tote

Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion 50th Tote Bag

Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion

Annual Passholder Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion 50th Satchel

Dooney & Bourke Buying Details

Each of these hauntingly haute handbags requires would-be purchasers to be registered for the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Event. Reservations for the event went online on May 23rd. At the time of this press for this story, reservations appeared to still be active on the event website. Tickets to the paranormal powered party cost $299 each. Furthermore, selecting any or all of the above-listed items does not guarantee purchase. Ensuring all attendees equal opportunities to buy event merchandise, Disney implemented a “random selection process.”

It’s not yet known if these, or any other event merchandise will be available outside of, or after the event. It does seem like a possibility, as some celebration items listed are readily available today.

More Haunted Handbags

For those who cannot wait to get their hands on coveted Haunted Mansion handbags, two (non-anniversary) items are available while supplies last.

Dooney & Bourke haunted mansion purse

The Haunted Mansion Hobo Bag by Dooney & Bourke $198.40

Dooney & Bourke haunted mansion bag

The Haunted Mansion Tote $238.40

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