Haunted Mansion-Inspired Swag: 8 Eerie Options From Etsy And Regions Beyond

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Playful spooks and hitchhiking ghosts roam the halls and tombstones of Disney’s Haunted Mansions.  Such is the draw of this retirement home for ghosts that emulating the eerie experience has materialized a market for merchandise memorializing the macabre manor.

While shop Disney offers options to obtain online and theme park shops like Memento Mori might make managing Mansion merchandise more manageable for fans, foolish mortals have also cultivated their own creativity and ingenuity to offer a rather unique, haunted host of Haunted Mansion inspired spooky swag.

Etsy is the place to shop for cool crafted collectibles. These handmade haunts offer a unique alternatives for finding spooky swag to show love for the Haunted Mansion.

1. Bat Soap

Hot and cold running chills aren’t going to get you spooky clean.  These haunted mansion station inspired bat soaps, however, might wash of that graveyard dirt. They’ll also look creepy cool in your guest bathroom (you know for that soap dish full of the soap that’s only for display).

$3.50 on Etsy

2. Haunted Mansion Bathroom Print

The detail and ghouls gags in this “missing” scene from Haunted Mansion show that spooky can, indeed, be silly.  Add some spirited spookiness to your water closet with this fiendishly fun find.

$16.99 on Etsy

3. Haunted Mansion t-shirts

Music and mansion mix with these two clever t-shirts.  Choose from “The Foolish Mortals” tour shirt (the back shows tour dates which are actually the lands in various Disney theme parks where the Mansion resides) or “Leota Lounge – Music from Regions Beyond.”

$15 on Etsy

4. Hitchhiking Ghosts Wax Melts

Scents of a disquieting metamorphosis fill the room with a light hint of funeral flowers and graveyard dirt. A deliciously dark and foreboding find that’s superbly suited for filling the tomb with terror-ific aroma.

$3.50 on Etsy

5. A Trio of Classic Monster Stretch Room Portraits

Even monsters love the Haunted Mansion.  Inserting classic monsters into scenes inspired from the stretch room at the Haunted Mansion is pure horror genius.  The Creature from the Black Lagoon takes an interest in the tightrope girl; Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein’s monster stuck in quicksand or the Mummy atop a barrel of TNT make the perfect terror trio for any haunted home.

$10 each on Etsy              Tightrope            Quicksand           TNT

6. Vinyl Clock- Haunted Mansion

Vinyl is making a mighty return from the grave.  Why not decorate your listening room with this timely Hitchhiking Ghosts piece?  Spirits may have an eternity to hitchhike the land, but foolish mortals are still tied to the ticking of the clock.

$23.00 on Etsy

While Etsy provides a perfect outlet for these paranormal products, some artisans have set up shop on their own.

7. Coffin Room backdrop

Topher Adam’s Haunted Mansion Backdrops were mentioned in the “Foolish Mortals” documentary about the Haunted Mansion and its fans.  These large prints are perfect for dressing up your haunted home or for that paranormal photo shoot.

$110 – 160 at his website

8. Ghostly Castle Soy Candle

This haunted mansion inspired purple candle has changed names a few times (from Haunted Mansion, to Haunted Manor, and now Ghostly Castle) but the wonderfully wicked scent remains the same.  These well-crafted candles are perfect for cheering up the un-living room or adding ambiance to you next spooky soirée.

$18  on the Spireside website

For those foolish mortals wanting spirited yet unique Haunted Mansion inspired swag, these 8 eerie options are but a few of the hundreds found online (Etsy alone has over 100 pages of Haunted Mansion inspired merchandise). With a little digging (lantern and frightened skinny puppy optional) you’re sure to unearth just what your dark heart desires.

Source and Images: Etsy, Topher Adam, Spireside Candles

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