At-Home Imagineering: Haunted Mansion inspired bedroom is a Disney fan’s perfect place to rest in peace

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Our next armchair imagineer is Jack Matson, whose spook-tacular Haunted Mansion bedroom caught our eye and we had to know more. His boo-tiful bedroom is stocked with wall-to-wall chills…

Matson, along with his wife, two children, and their dog Nemo, reside in Fullerton California.  He’s the third generation owner of a family radiator and Mrs. Matson is nursing student (a field where she is also employed).

“Our family, like many, are extreme Disney fans,” explained Matson. “”Every Disney fan has a dream of a themed room. My wife presented the idea of each room in our house representing a different Disney theme. When our bedroom was chosen to be the haunted mansion, the gears, excitement, and trips to the park for inspiration began.”

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Several items in their daily final resting place were purchased from park purveyors while others, like the gargoyles, door handles, bat stanchion, headboard, door knocker and wall photos were personally crafted.  Mr. Matson mentioned, “The head board was cut from a machine in our shop, which will soon have custom head boards such as this, available on Etsy.”  Other items in the ghostly abode are the result of craigslist and thrift store finds.


Jack recounted some of the trials and tribulations in crafting the creepy cool confine:

“There was so much to learn during this project.  From painting and decor, to haggling price for ugly lamps, to what not to do when sculpting with clay.

My first go around sculpting the gargoyle took about ten hours longer than expected. An idea of two, quickly turned to one, after completed. During the baking process, a loud noise was heard in the oven, to my surprise of the complete sculpture shattering. The base I used to cover the clay expanded in the oven, ruining the piece. I took a couple days to regenerate, and ended up making two more, knowing the end results would outweigh the hard work.

Last, the Madam Leota illusion was an unexpected bonus. Not knowing what the outcome would be, I glued a small picture of the Madam to the back of my crystal ball. Instant Madam Leota illusion, which was something I was wanting very much to incorporate in to the room.”

madame leota illusion1

madame leota illusion backside

Though fond of their handcrafted gargoyles, headboard, door knocker and Leota illusion, the favorite part of their paranormal parlor is the hand stenciled wallpaper.  According to Jack, the process seemed almost eternal, but was well worth the effort.


Thank you to the Mattson family, for sharing their happily haunted bedroom!


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