These Are the Things That Annoy the Disney Fan in All of Us

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Disney fandom means many things to the many millions of fans that live all over the world. And though there’s no natural way to gauge just how many of us there are worldwide, it seems there are a few things that tend to annoy us because we are fans of the Mouse, the man behind the Mouse, and the “lands” and the “world” where we can be surrounded by all things Disney.

It’s estimated that more than 157 million people visited Disney Park in 2018, but we understand that occasionally non-Disney fans see because they love the Disney fans in their lives. And then there are Disney fans who haven’t yet made it to Disney Park.

Magic Kingdom Cinderella´s Castle
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Generally speaking, a few things irritate, annoy, and otherwise frustrate the Disney fan in all of us. While this list isn’t necessarily the definitive one, it’s fun to see how many of the same things annoy most of us.

“You’re going again?” (to the parks)

Yep. I’m going again.

And as soon as I get home from that trip, I’ll start planning my next trip. Why does it bother some people that we like to frequent the parks? We intend to pay for our trips. We aren’t asking anyone else to pick up the tab. Sometimes I think non-Disney fans look at a trip to a Disney Park much like they view movies: you’ve seen it once, so why see it again? But visiting Disneyland and Disney World is never the same experience twice. That’s part of what makes it so magical.

Main Street Disney ballons
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So yes, yes, I am going again. And so long as there are Disney Parks to be explored, I’ll be going again and again and again and…how about you?

Using the terms “Disney World” and “Disneyland” interchangeably

You’ve heard this before, right?

“Oh, yeah, I heard you guys are headed to Florida to Disneyland!”

Grrrrrr. Calling Disney World “Disneyland” or calling Disneyland “Disney World” can be super frustrating to Disney fans. We’re not trying to be mean or picky. But never were two things so different. They are sister parks, but not identical twin sister parks.

Disney Parks 101: Disney World is in the Sunshine State, while Disneyland is in California. Disneyland comprises Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and three onsite Resort hotels. Walt Disney World shall consist of four theme parks, two water parks, an array of Resort hotels, Disney Springs, and more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The two resorts are different in fantastic, magical ways, and we wouldn’t change that.

Comparing Disneyland and Disney World to each other

For every way these two excellent resorts are alike, there are ten more ways in which they differ. Comparing them is more pointless than comparing California avocados to Florida oranges but also plain unfair. As was already stated, the two resorts are sister resorts, but not twin sister resorts.

Hogwarts shirts at Disney World and Disneyland

We’ve got nothing but love for Disney fans who double as Harry Potter fans. We can’t help being annoyed by Slytherin gear worn at Magic Kingdom. (To be fair, let’s not wear our Disney gear at Universal.) Again, you can double as a Universal fan and still be a Disney fan. But maybe save that Quidditch t-shirt for a day at Universal. Please, respect the Mouse when you’re at his Park.


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Traffic-halting photo-taking in the parks

Some of the most magical photos have had Cinderella Castle or Sleeping Beauty Castle as their backdrops. More images may be taken at Walt Disney World than at any other vacation destination, and we can see why.

But we Disney fans feel there should be a few rules against stopping to take photos in the middle of a main thoroughfare in the parks. You know the type–those who block traffic by not taking a picture of the castle (or another Instagram-worthy pic). We’re all about the images. We have hard drives full of them. So take all the pics you want, but step to the side. It’s just common courtesy.

Re-enacting a scene from “The Wizard of Oz” while walking through Fantasyland

What’s more frustrating than someone stopping before you to take a selfie? How about the Guests who want to re-enact the scene from “The Wizard of Oz” in which Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion join arms and make their way toward Emerald City? They walk through the parks, eight people wide, and no one can get around them. They probably don’t mean harm, but it’s still annoying.

Crowds at Disney and characters from The Wizard of Oz walking to palace
Credit: Time Magazine / Flickr

A lack of respect for the man Walt Disney and his genius

Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse
Credit: Business Insider

Do you get annoyed by this too? Have you ever heard a non-Disney fan speak about Walt Disney as if he were a dime-a-dozen entrepreneur who just got lucky and launched what is now the Disney empire by chance? For many Disney fans, speaking ill of Walt–or with little respect for his genius–is one of the fastest ways to send us into orbit. To infinity and beyond.

Bad-mouthing Disney just because the company is successful

The United States economy is based on the theme of capitalism. It serves The Walt Disney Company well. The company has an estimated worth of around $110 billion. And as Disney fans, we grow weary of the negative comments made about Disney being “too big,” “too wealthy,” “a monopoly,” and the list goes on. No company is without fault. But criticizing Disney based on its size and success is just not playing fair, and to a Disney fan, that kind of talk might as well be profanity.

Walt Disney Company headquarters

People who compare Disney World to Universal, and vice versa

This is ten times worse than hearing people use “Disney World” and “Disneyland” interchangeably. Disney is Disney. Universal is Universal. Part of what makes us Disney fans is our conglomerate opinion that nobody else is Disney. Nor do they come close. There truly is no comparison. There aren’t words to describe the phenomenon Guests experience when they visit Disney World. It’s a world unto itself where dreams come true for both kids and kids at heart, where we can leave our cares behind, and where we can feel like kids again.



Universal Orlando Resort Logo

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Suppose you aren’t a fan of the Mouse and find yourself comparing the two competitors and finding more pros on your list under the “Universal” heading. In that case, that’s a pretty good indication that the Universal ticket is the one you should have bought. If you downplay Disney, please don’t do so in the parks. Don’t be pessimistic about Disney at Disney.

“Disney is just for kids!”

This is one of the most annoying statements non-fans can make to fans of Walt, the Mouse, the parks, the films, etc. Disney exists to keep alive the child in all of us. Disney is for kids, but it’s for kids at heart too. You don’t have to like Disney. But you’ll have to admit it’s not just for little ones

Urban legends about Walt’s posthumous location

Newspaper announcing Walt Disney´s death

Walt Disney is not currently being held in cryogenic suspension. His body has never been held in cryogenic suspension. And it will not ever be. That’s because two days after his untimely passing, on December 17, 1966, Disney’s remains were cremated and later interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. It’s disrespectful to speak untruth about anyone, especially those who have passed on. Plus, all the myths about Walt being held in cryogenic suspension are annoying. That is, if you’re a diehard Disney fan.

Now it’s your turn. We’d like to hear from other Disney fans. What annoys you most as a Disney fan? Have we touched on some things with which you can identify? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment below.

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