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  1. Will Noetling

    The thing about the clothing is bogus though and not a universal truth. I’ve worn a Nightmare Before Christmas shirt to Universal and not only did I get compliments from guests, but from Cast Members as well. I don’t own any Harry Potter shirts so I’ve never worn one at DLR, but seeing other fandoms at DLR wouldn’t bother me. I wore a Ghostbusters Uniform T to DLR once and also got compliments. So live and let live a little. It’s not disrespect, it’s sharing fandom. Also Universal Studios may have the HP theme park stuff, but Warner Bros. owns it.

    I can add one, people waiting for the fireworks or parades by plopping down on the sidewalks and making it difficult to walk by annoy the crud out of me. ESPECIALLY those who do it on Main Street or the main Rotunda.

    1. Heather

      The worst plopping is when parties stop and block high traffic areas. They all stop at the exit of a ride, arggh! Or just inside or outside the door of a store, making it hard for all to get in & out. Or right in the middle of a narrow walkway so none shall pass. Or on a landing of stairs, etc. Instead of stopping directly in the middle of the bridge to Adventureland, just move up and off to the side where people aren’t trying to walk thru. Wow, look at that!
      MOVE OVER, it’s not very hard. No joke, usually under 10 feet away you’ll find available space out of the way where you won’t be blocking high traffic paths and entrances. TIA.

      And tightly walking 6 people across. Can you just walk 3 in front, 3 and back and take turns for the front row if it’s soooo important. People approaching are having a hard time navigating around your group.

  2. Dvcfamily

    Have to agree on all counts. But the one that gets me is going to Disney again? We have been going every year since 89 our honeymoon. People just don’t get the concept of Disney. And that comment of “going again?” Annoys the heck out of me. AND DONT COMPARE UNIVERSAL TO DISNEY. That annoys me as well. Disney is unique and always will be. As for the park down the road well imitation is the best form of flattery

    1. Ken

      How strollers of kids are a bother. Where a feel there should be more for adults .the children in the strollers will fund the dream till I’m long gone

  3. Harley

    Agree w the pts esp the wdw to uni …
    Say this always want experience bc thats what walt wanted thats wdw want rides go to uni etc
    Also the uber fans that could be one or the other! But if you are both and side w one more etc dont tell me as a disney person i am wrong!
    Also these companies are laughing all the way to the bank! They are all friends lots of the times and cms work alot of times at both places! Its the fans that are aganist each other and make it really bad sometimes. Its friendly comp otherwise! Those of us that get this can have normal chats w each other and friendly you won this time moments etc. Its gets back when the covo gets aggressive and cursing fan pages when its bad!

  4. Michelle Anderson

    I know someone who lives in Anaheim and can’t drink the tap water because of the chloramine (not just good old regular chlorine, but chlorine plus ammonia) used to disinfect the water. My son and I live in the southeast, and we can’t use or drink water with chloramine either (horrible stomach cramps and other very unpleasant symptoms). Erin Brockovich has been very vocal about chloramine – short and long term effects (chloramine can lead to nitrates which are cancer causing) in California and all over the US. We can go to Disney World because Orlando uses chlorine, but we can’t go to Disneyland in Anaheim. All over the US anti-chloramine groups keep popping up. Why is no one discussing this on a national level? People all over the US complain about eye, respiratory, skin, and digestive symptoms wherever chloramine is used. You can see example chloramine skin rashes by googling Citizens Concerned About Chloramine.

    1. Mark

      Bc people use water filters for their homes and big businesses use it at their businesses and this has what to do w the article????
      Back to the article i agree except about the potter thing bc hp was a thing before and is after uni and not all hp shirts come from uni! To me disney dodged a bullet bc you know how many royalities uni has to pay to have it!?! Omg!
      No it should be stop wearing hhn shirts to food and wine not hp! I can careless! Its not like going to hos and wearing hhn! Thats a sin!

      1. Donald Duch

        OMG! The chloramine is the WORST thing about Disney! I go eat at the Crystal Palace and am like, “Can I PUH-LEASE get some water WITHOUT chloramine?” And the waiter morbidly frowns and then takes like 20 minutes simply to get water and they hand it to you in some plastic bottle with little ice cubes made of metal and shaped like Mickey Mouse and are like make it yourself. And oh, man, it’s just a mess. And also you ever try drinking the water on the Pirates or Small World ride?! Holy smokes, that stuff’s just loaded with chloramine!! No wonder I only visit Knottsbury Farms anymore. Their water is full of only jammy goodness.

        1. Michelle Anderson

          You’ve obviously never seen a child with chloramine rashes. You would think twice about making fun of it.

      2. Michelle Anderson

        Chloramine is not easily filtered like chlorine. It’s an entirely different chemical.

      3. Dawn

        What annoys me at WDW is when you get people saving places for others, they gone on another ride or doing something else then just come along and say ” excuse me can I get by need to get to my party”. So annoying, this can happen if you can’t get a Fasspass or it’s just queue up. Another is watching the parade and you have been there sometime and someone tries to push in front of you for a better view and you end up saying “excuse me do you mind”.

        1. Connie

          The pushing you aside, when you’ve been waiting for the parade for 30 mins. And they come in at the start of the parade.

  5. Film Fan

    I agree about you getting annoyed when Walt Disney is disrespected. I find it disappointing that an attraction about his life, “One Man’s Dream,” is in a little corner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios going unnoticed. Last time I was there, they didn’t even show the documentary narrated by Julie Andrews. Instead, they showed the first 10 minutes of The Incredibles 2. Now, while I did enjoy that (and the Incredibles 2), I still felt that this did nothing for Walt’s legacy. “One Man’s Dream” should be relocated to a prominent place in the Magic Kingdom, and restored in its original form, documentary and all. Of course, it can be updated with some more recent information about where the company is now and what has been their biggest achievements thus far.

  6. Thomas

    While I get jealous of people going to WDW when I can’t for financial reasons, what gets me most is when people disrespect the great man himself! My favourite quote of all time, which inspires me to think that from the smallest idea, greatness can evolve, is ‘And I hope that we never lose sight of the fact that it was all started by a mouse’ – not only as a writer does it inspire me, I just hope that Disney as it is now remembers this when it doesn’t feel brave enough to try new stories and relies on sequels and remakes. If Walt had left the mouse as Mortimer, and not battled against WWII to get his work out there we wouldn’t be here today! The fact we have Disney as a family-friendly genre in it’s own right is testament to the man himself.

    1. Stacy

      I have a hooded sweatshirt with this quote on it. Possibly my favorite Disney quote of all time just because it’s true. Wore it numerous times on our trip to the Parks and got many comments on it!

  7. Mickey

    I agree with a few of these. Another big annoyance for me is when Disney fans and non-Disney fans alike call the family-friendly attractions little kiddie rides. They are for everyone to experience and enjoy not just the kids. I will only ride at the most two roller coasters which are in the Magic Kingdom. Big Thunder is one I’ll do for sure, but the other I haven’t tried yet, is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

    Comparisons of Disney and Universal bother me as well. They are nothing alike. I’ve only ever been to CityWalk at Universal. I know what the theme parks are like from watching videos and from what my family has said. I don’t have a desire to vacation there. Even though, I do like Harry Potter and some other Universal films.

  8. Jackie

    I agree w mark hes not making fun of people whom are getting sick hes just stating your comment doesnt have a place in this article commentary its not just your opinion of something we all dont know where it came from!!!
    Disney does have a awesome filtration system so sorry it doesnt do a good enough job for you so just dont go!!! Your a few people while others are perfectly fine you want to see some scary water go to ny etc and its a huge cloud! Went to nj one time thought something was still swimming in it so theres worse water btw you not drinking water out of the tap or off the recycled ride crap!!! Its coming out of the soda filter tap so if thats contaminated then its not just the water!!!
    Anyways moving back to the article….
    I honestly hate people whom do any of these things or like these water contaminators come to comment and hate on disney for the minor thing!!! Or the ride scared my kid great now the lights are on or now its removed like AEC and things get ruined for the millions if fans!!!

    1. Michelle Anderson

      The article said to tell what annoys you. How does that not fit? People talk about getting rid of straws but can’t talk about added AMMONIA? So tell me about the awesome filtration system. Will it protect someone who travels uninformed to Anaheim to visit Disneyland, and that person doesn’t stay at a Disneyland hotel? I read the water fountains aren’t filtered. How many people know this? Since chloramine is much harder to filter than chlorine, the very expensive filters needed to filter it break down faster. I highly doubt Disneyland is paying this expense. People can still be sensitive to chloramine even after filtration. I’ll bet cancer patients would like to know how cytotoxic (damages cells) and genotoxic (damages DNA) the byproducts of chloramine are.

      1. Jackie

        DL water = cali water
        Disney doesnt own cali water systems they just are attached to treating filter systems i am sorry its not happening in DL i am but it is in WDW bc all taps in fl must be its a law here! The water here in fl though filtered is still better than anything cloudy crappy water up northeast i was drinking before and i survived! I am sorry it affects you but others arent is our pt. Again my heart goes out though!

        1. Michelle Anderson

          Hundreds of people have complained about chloramine all over the US. Your heart should go out to ALL of us. Anti-chloramine groups keep growing and sprouting up all over. Google it.

  9. Ed in NY

    Also: I dislike line cutters, or those people who worm there way through the line claiming there catching up with there group.
    People who use baby strollers as battering rams, I’m constantly being hit in the ankles by these strollers and the parent givin there lack luster “I’m sorry’s”, you don’t have special rights because you’ve reproduced, Watch what your doing!
    Finally, people with no manners who can’t hold the door open for the next person or must step in front of you without saying “excuse me”!

    1. Jackie

      Can i add to you and say evcs and wc as battering rams! People whom dont need a wc or evc to cut lines or think they are cutting sorry your a regular queue thing now and you cause choas when ride stops for you for everyone to see your not disabled and now make people whom are look bad! Strollers are for people w small children and have weight limits your older child shouldnt be in it and its not a holder for your crap!!! Also you can not just stop these things where you like walkways at wdw are like highways you dont know the traffic jam you just made bc susie q needs to use potty and now 100 people behind you have to stop too!
      Add people think DAS is awesome omg you obviously dont remember GAC and how we went into exits if the fp line was too long! This included wc whom needed and strollers as wc….. And to add people whom ruined this for EVERYONE bc people took advantage and thought family reunion of 20 was your IMMEDIATE party!!! ?

      1. Harley

        Besides GAC has changed drastically these people are still giving us all whom need this a bad name by thinking having one means i own the joint and if the cm doesnt help me out cursing them out will do till they do! Its like wake up your not the only people in the parks nor the only ones w the pass and making us all look bad!

  10. Ralph Malph

    I have 2
    1. The price of a ticket is so expensive that even though I live in Orlando and do not have to stay at a hotel, I cannot afford to go.
    2. They discontinued the practice of letting Florida residents go for free on our birthdays. This was the only way that I could go.

    1. Lady

      You could save a quarter a day and by a late admission (Noon to closing) ticket for your Birthday. Enjoy it!

  11. Amy

    I live 20 minutes from Disneyland in Calif. I am 52 years old and have been going to Disney since I was in the womb. I am an annual passholder and am in the park at least once per week. Disney is a passion of mine, but I am a purist…Walt and Mickey are my thing. I agree with much on the list, but one of my pet peeves is mispronunciation of attractions or calling attractions “rides”. For example, I hear people say, “Autotopia” all the time or they will call the Haunted Mansion the Haunted House. I know it’s silly but it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. Also, it is truly the Happiest Place on Earth…don’t yell at your kids and fight….it completely disrupts the energy. And for the younger generations, there is nothing more important than to remember that, “…it was all started by a mouse.” Take a moment while in Town Square to look up at the light in the window above the fire station and thank Walt and honor his spirit.

    1. Jackie

      I agree except for the fighting its not fighting as much as its just vacation or another day and peoples baggage and life or situation…. or childs needs causing a meltdown…. or the overtly aggressive heat we have had this summer in fl getting to everyone… its not anyones fault fights or disagreements break out its just life! Just bc its wdw doesnt mean life is magical or rainbows enough to fake it for the day! Its life sorry it bothers you! I seen plenty of parents have a rough time thats not a reason for them to try not to make a scene or take it back or abcd its just that i dont judge bc who am i to judge their situation! I also waa cursed out trying to calm and help someone out w your thought and thats why i took a step back and saw it from my own life… who am i to judge!

      1. Harley

        Thank you for not judging us parents bc your right jackie you can not tell what the situation is you do not know me! Just bc its the happiest place on earth doesnt mean like you said every day is going to be!

  12. Edward McGowan

    I agree with this list too. The one that get me the most is also “How can you go to Disney World all the time?” This is coming from the person who rents the same house down the shore EVERY YEAR for the last 20 years. I don’t see the difference if you are doing what you like.

  13. Mouskatear

    Here’s all the ways to be a jerk at Disney. Stopping foot traffic to take pics or talk with your group about where to go next. Flash photography on any dark ride. Holding your phone up to video the ride blocking others view behind you. You can look all the rides up on YouTube. Leaving your garbage all over. There are trash cans on every corner and in between. Vaping on rides. Yes, I’ve seen and smelled it many times. Being rude to cast members. Did I say flash photography on dark rides yet?

    1. Mark

      Are you sure your a disney person your calling them rides!

    2. Harley

      Flash photography or any bright lights on any ride period! How are you enjoying the experience on your phone what picture is possibly coming out!? Besides your blinding everyone else around you!

  14. Moe

    I am sorry but alot of yals comments are annoying. You need to know more about disney history before you go on a rant on some of yal comments. Also some of this post also annoying. People who have work for the company for many years and are bigger fans then you every will be.

    1. Harley

      I think alot of us whom been thousands of times since birth and work there and and and will disagree w you and call you annoying bc we have every right bc we are right up there w cms etc! And now our kids and grandkids whom have em same thing pick your battles dude! Magical place magical fansite dont like it why are you commenting!

      1. Mark

        I love cms but some are brats (being disney frisndly on this site)! Esp some managers! And they think they own the joint or they know more and act it towards the guests its like i know for a fact i been coming here long enough to know your new and i been here longer than you so ty but no!
        Or the cms that just stand there and give you tude its like this is your job to help me!
        Like i said i love cms many do a great job while others its like i know i am worlds beyond them as a guest and seen too much! And please stop humoring the kids they might be kids but they arent dumb its not a guest service to dummy down my kid bc you think it will make it all better!

  15. Kelvington

    Counterpoint to the HP fan thing. Disney loves Harry Potter fans, so much so, they play Harry Potter music on their buses. Which I never once understood. 🙂

  16. Eva Williams

    I can agree regarding most of the points, except with the shirts thing. I do see non-Disney shirts every time I go to DLR, though with Superman shirts at DLR as my mom and I would see them for the past six, almost seven years. We don’t complain about it outside of Mom’s own confusion as Superman is DC at Disney; instead we took it as a sign that my dad (whom we’ve associated with Superman as he was a fan of the character and whom had passed away six, almost seven years ago) was spiritually with us at the resort.

    I think one additional annoyance would be a general bad-mouthing of Cast Members and Imagineers regarding new or updated attractions. I understand the frustration about change, but throwing them under the bus about it? Not cool.

  17. Lincoln Birmbaum

    Hello. I am very confused. I came to this website to discuss the ill effects of chloramine, but there seems to be a lot of unfocused ranting about theme parks going on. Can we please cut out the comments about Disney and get back to the topic of chloramine? Thank you.

    1. Michelle Anderson

      Disneyland is in Anaheim, and the city of Anaheim uses chloramine (chlorine plus ammonia) to disinfect the water. What did you want to know or say about chloramine?

      1. Melanie Durham


    2. Melanie Durham

      This article is NOT about Chloramine! Where do you people get that from this article? Are you TRYING to hijack this? Just stop ?!

      1. Michelle Anderson

        I’ve been following this website for 3 years and have only mentioned chloramine a couple times in the past. Chloramine IS a Disneyland pet peeve of mine. If plastic straws can be discussed, chloramine can be discussed. I’ve hijacked nothing. I guess ignorance is bliss.

      2. Harley

        Thank you melanie! Besides these commentors never been outside cali theres worse states w worse water orginally from ny my tap water always came out in a cloud but we still drank it! Besides it is hijacking bc no one is talking about it but you i agree totally w melanie and everyone whose brought it up in the past! I am sorry DL has this problem but it seems to only be bothering you as you seem to be the only one complaining! Again lets move back to topic!

        1. Michelle Anderson

          Erin Brockovich complaining about a lot on Facebook it is not just me complaining about it.

          1. Michelle Anderson

            Should say she complains about chloramine a lot. By the way, I did not want to discuss chloramine this much in this thread, but I will defend myself and other chloramine sufferers from unjustified attacks.

    3. Vonnie

      You need to go back to the start and see what the subject is.Chloramine was NOT the subject.

      1. Mickey

        You can video and take pictures while on an attraction (dark ride type) if you don’t use a flash. The only ride it doesn’t generally turn out on, is Haunted Mansion. What ruins it is when you have someone several rows behind you, using a flash after the ride operator said no flash photography allowed. Also, you’re usually in your own ride vehicle so you don’t interfere with others. For the person who made the YouTube comment, how do you think that the videos were taken and put up there? Someone had to take the video and upload it. I take videos and pictures while on attractions, without the use of a flash. I do this so I can have digital and hard copy memories of my park experiences. I haven’t been back to the parks since early 2018 (live locally), so I rewatch my videos all the time. Some of these videos are priceless as Disney has since closed those attractions. I agree with the parade comments as well. You could have front row viewing, but you have someone push there way in front of you or by extending their arm to take a picture, block your view that you waited for 30+ mins for. Also, even if you’ve been standing there (not a good view even), for 30+ mins, you could have a group of people push their way in and make your view only that of a light post. That has happened several times to me. If you tried to say something to them, they either ignored you completely or have you a weird look. Take your pictures or videos at mid level from your body instead of extending as far as you can. These pictures and videos turn out well. Also, don’t stop short if you have people behind you to take pictures. Parents who put children on their shoulders, not everyone can see around you. It’s wall to wall traffic during fireworks so please be kind to us who are shorter or have children that need to see too. Then you have the people who think they can crowd out families with young children who want to see something as well. We actually had someone move our stroller out of the way so they could sit down to watch the parade in our spots. One of us was there already holding a spot plus the stroller spot for the rest of us (3 total people). This was a small, compact light-weight stroller. They needed a space for 2 to 3 more, so they just totally moved the stroller.back. Also as for the comments about Disney Jr which used to be called Playhouse Disney, a parent needs to sit with their child on the floor while watching the show . You don’t want young kids wandering around alone. That place used to get so very crowded and if you would have to watch from the back as a parent, you wouldn’t be able to see if your child got up. I went with my mom when my younger brother was toddler aged over 20 years ago. That’s why I have a small issue with Turtle Talk with Crush. The kids are sitting in front on the fall without parents. That’s fine for kids who are 8+ but not for tots or preschoolers. Just using this show as an example. The space there is way smaller than Disney Jr’s space, and you do have visual of your children for the most part. You do, however, need to watch where you are trying to sit.

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  19. Chea’

    What annoys me is adults seeing little kids and literally walking in front of them and blocking them at a show. Clearly you can see behind the kid but they can’t see behind you. For instance, the Disney Jr dance party. I let my kids go to the front so they can see then I see a huge man sitting at the front on the floor blocking the little babies trying to see Disney Jr characters. It drives me nuts. Let the kid in front so you both can see!!

    1. Mark

      My kid is older now but still i think deserves to see something instead you jump right in front of him bc hes older… its like still a kid still wants to see and now you just blocked em… thanks! Or better yet people just sit down like attached to your kid like they arent there and then when you move the kid they make some comment like “your kid is ok they arent bothering me…” ok but your kinda sitting in his personal space thanks! Its like you want to teach kid good manners and yet some adults need lessons!

      1. Harley

        Oh my kid gets blocked and sat on all the time and my kid is older too but still deserves to see and have space to himself! I get it things like concerts etc fill up but that doesnt mean you get to plotz on my kid like hes not there! The other day my kid got smacked in the face w a backpack twice lady finally put it down in almost my kids lap… my kid even was like excuse me i am here and this lady didnt say a word!

  20. Alan

    I will add one more thing to the list. It is “WALT Disney World,” not “Disney World.” Roy O. Disney changed the name from Disney World to Walt Disney World so everyone would know who’s dream it was.

  21. Lisa Harvey

    Lineholders and jumpers. One person holding your place in line does not give your family of multiples the right to go ride something else and take your place in front of me after you’re done. Totally understand the little one leaving to go potty and come back, but some people are just rude. 😉

    I’ll keep going forever though, no matter what.

  22. Harley

    I have another you cant be a disney fan or person if you hate the movies… yes you can! Theres millions of people whom prefer one and not the other thats why your either a movie person or a park person … minority you could be both but to each his own! But i am a park person dont tell me i cant be!

    1. Mark

      Your so right harley i been a park person my whole life the movies ate great but i rather spend time at the park!

  23. Bernard Donkin

    I’m kinda bummed by all those kids with chloramine rashes walking around hating Star Wars. If they hate it so much, they should stay out of the park and not bring their hate!

    1. Mark

      Bernard your onto something and i will add… if you hate the park and come into hate it more then please dont come back and dont tell the world esp on a disney fansite where you dont belong!

      1. Michelle Anderson

        Strange that informing people about Abigail Disney’s complaints, complaints about the current CEO, and concerns about straws aren’t considered hate then too by your logic. These topics have all been discussed on this website. Informing people about potential health hazards is hate. LOL

  24. Jackie

    No what mark was trying to get at is that theres alot of Hateful stuff going around where people use these comments to hate on the parks the site etc. It wasnt attacking you personally no one is!!! If you feel that way welcome to the real world! Mark was saying like i too woild second if you do not like the parks for the sake of it beyond the flaws and just be a fan then leave! Guess what just like the WHOLE WORLD no matter what you green people want to say we are all flawed we arent perfect this is life nothing new! I wish more people would help the planet help all causes yours included where kids are concerned but repeating it to death where it looks like you hijacked a website… which i know wasnt your intention is wrong and not going to fix anything! It unneeded hate if you cant come to disney and enjoy your time your not a true fan! I am sorry there are plenty of us that enjoy it through alot more! wdw dl all the parks have flaws. Chapek is flawed he is puppeted by uppers and money if it was up to him would he do something sure look at his plans for epcot hes trying to meet in middle best he can! Hes giving most fans hope and i know spoken to many including cms esp at sse whom are so greatful to see a remodel or anything in 5 yrs+!
    The world isnt perfect its stronger to be different have difference in opinions but to say something for instance stop going to wdw bc pick a topic that shows any hate towards the parks and we should all not go … thats hate and it needs to stop! You can decide not to go and then we are done your not a fan its your choice and no one is against you we just are tired of the hate!

    1. Mark

      Amen and thanks for explaining that jackie i was half asleep last night! Sometimes what i say always comes out wrong i have a life like everyone else and no time to fix my wrongs! Ty

      1. Jackie

        Its better to hope than hate! ?

        1. Michelle Anderson

          I agree. I HOPE Disneyland encourages Anaheim to do the right thing and switch back to using chlorine. By the way, I’m not a green person. I live in the Bible belt and am conservative. Shccker! I think most environmental stuff is not true environmentalism and is drummed up for politics. Have a nice night!

  25. Harley

    Michelle maybe your voice isnt being heard bc the only voice on this issue has be diagnosed w clear mental problems to the pt julia roberts whom portrayed her in the movie said she was embarrassed after it all!
    You are free to have your opinion your free to not go but then your not a fan! Its clear! I feel for you and your voice esp when it concerns kids! But millions come into the parks and arent affect and just a fair few are it does hurt but its not going to make a true difference! Neither is repeating/hijacking a website where its only your voice! I as a cm wrked and got sick i know this issue but that water is recycled water at the attactions where bacteria etc is forming its not the same water in the taps! Like jackie said above its a law in fl even in houses to have water filters on a house/business if you dont thats bigger than just a small voice on a fansite! You see what i am getting at this isnt a place for it your just repeating stuff like other repeat their hate if you dont like disney dont go! Just stop hating the rest of us your fight is w the company not us not ITM bc many have cursed these poor writers out too and its just their job to pass the word or write an article of intrest!
    Again i am sorry for what your going through but you need something more than a fansite!

    1. Michelle Anderson

      When did Julia Roberts say she was embarrassed playing Brockovich? I can’t find that anywhere online. Responding to these comments is getting tedious, but I’ll keep responding if the same commenters are going to keep making things up. I noticed the Citizens Concerned About Chloramine website has had a lot more views after I started commenting, so keep making up goofy complaints. It’s only helping this cause.

      1. Harley

        Please dont have me confused w harley above someone whom got hurt according to her should know what you been through granted i agree its not in our tap water thats unfortunately microplastics which is just as bad! I got hurt at wdw and got fired for it bc they wanted to cover not only i got sick but the chloramine and tetanus bc i fell into the water… i almost lost my kid bc i didnt know i was pregnant at the time god bless we are both fine! I hope CA gets help maybe if people invovled werent trying to fight there way into the white house and focused on there own issues in there state it be great! But the world has its flaws no one is perfect but we all have a voice keep using yours and make a difference! Thats something walt would be very proud of fans like you!

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  29. Jacob

    I’m annoyed that I was on the Disney Dream and not allowed to go to castaway Cay. We didn’t get an alternate stop. Our vacation was sacrificed to deliver supplies. We received no reimbursement. Disney lined their pockets and took credit for delivering supplies.

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