D23 Reveal: Disney’s “Secret Project”: What is “One Day at Disney”?

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On Thursday evening, before the 2019 D23 Expo even opened its doors to adoring fans at the Anaheim Convention Center, Disney’s finest were hard at work presenting the very first announcement from this year’s Expo: an exciting new project called “One Day at Disney.”

Ricky Strauss, President of Content and Marketing for Disney+, made the announcement Thursday with the help of “Good Morning America” host and just recently-inducted Disney Legend Robin Roberts. Roberts’ Emmy Award-winning work on the GMA show will be featured in the project.

Disney Legends Ceremony
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The project is a joint effort and incredible collaboration between Disney Publishing Worldwide and the all-new Disney+ streaming service. “One Day at Disney” will be a two-for-one project that will include a 224-page coffee table book and a unique documentary series. The book and series will highlight the men and women who work tirelessly and with unending creativity to bring Disney’s stories to dazzling life.

“We all argue who has the best job in the company,” Roberts said of the “One Day at Disney” project. “We all feel that we have the best job, and to be able to be a part of [this] project, and to really get a sense of, globally, what we’re able to do or what our hope is…we just want to share.”

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“One Day at Disney” takes a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into making Disney magic happen across the globe. This documentary-style series specifically looks at the date of February 21 and cameras film the work of Disney Cast Members all over the world.

one day at disney
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Have you ever wondered how Disney magic happens? (Well, besides the pixie dust?) The “One Day at Disney” project will show you what takes place in just one 24-hour period to make sure that the magic stays alive and that Disney stories are continually brought to life for the millions and millions of Disney fans worldwide.

The new book and the new series will both debut on December 3. The streaming content will be available exclusively through Disney+, and after its debut, “One Day at Disney” will be presented on Disney+ in 52 short episodes.

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