At Home Imagineering “Escape from the Haunted Mansion” board game

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Perhaps the most popular At Home Imagineering subject has been, without doubt, Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  The granddaddy of haunted attractions, a perfect paranormal pairing of classic and modern effects, this retirement home for ghosts has inspired the decor of countless home bedroomsbathrooms, basementsholiday decorationshome theaters, ride simulators, offices, and automobiles.

While it not always easy (both to find and to pay for) to obtain otherworldly artifacts to darkly decorate one’s domicile, there are inexpensive alternatives.  Inside the Magic has had ghoulish delight of sharing paper models from Ray Keim’s Haunted Dimensions website and now we’ve unearthed another ethereal amazement: The Disney Experience’s “Escape from the Haunted Mansion” game.

Deliciously dark dice, fiendishly fun fortune cards and a hauntingly beautiful board for play, or display, make up this Mansions inspired adventure.  With iconic imagery inspired by the New Orleans incarnation of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, this game is sure to thrill any ghost fan.

Haunted Mansion game

Escape from the Haunted Mansion Board Game

By downloading free PDF files, printing them out, carefully cutting and assembling the parts, Haunted Mansion fans are sure to be delighted with the resulting display worthy game.  Both the exterior and interior haunted halls are well represented.

Escape Haunted Mansion board game

Escape Haunted Mansion board game

Hitchhiking ghosts, witty epitaph inscribed tombstones, floating crystal ball, and pet cemetery are all there.  Even Master Gracey is hanging around in the stretch room!

Escape Haunted Mansion board game

Final finishing touches yield a 15.75 inch high, 21.81 inches wide, and 18.5-inch deep model/playing board of the Haunted Mansion.  This exceptional example of engineering is accomplished by assembling 197 pieces printed on 59 sheets (ideally cardstock or paper glued to thin foam board).  To achieve this macabre model’s manufacture, a computer with Adobe Reader, color printer, card stock, Scissors, Craft knife, glue, and ruler are needed.

Escape Haunted Mansion board game

Escape from Haunted Mansion gameplay is intended for 2-5 players (ages 6+) and is achieved by moving bat-shaped playing pieces through and around the mansion in an attempt to break free from its ghostly grip.

board game

This devilishly delightful download is available for free from The Disney Experience, which is also home to several other Disney inspired paper models.  The site also offers a few bonus pieces to enhance the gameplay experience: a decorated box to hold fortune cards and hall of doors inspired dice tower.


Escape Haunted Mansion board game

With a lot of patience and a few hours of construction, the end result is a fiendishly fun game that also makes a great piece of Haunted Mansion décor.  Take note, once assembled this game is not intended to be taken apart, so make sure there is a suitable final resting place for the game board and its accompanying accessories.

board game

For additional Haunted Mansion fun, check out this creepy-cool Haunted Mansion inspired desk set that you can make:

Escape Haunted Mansion board gameEscape Haunted Mansion board game

Source and images: The Disney Experience website, Flickr and Facebook pages, YouTube

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