At Home Imagineering: Haunted Mansion inspired rest (in peace) room

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Haunted Mansion inspired rest (in peace) room

A pair of foolish mortals in Los Angeles, California has taken “hot and cold running chills” to the next level. Their 28 square foot bathroom has materialized into an amazing tribute to the boo-loved Disneyland attraction.

Using the foyer of the original Haunted Mansion as their guide, Carrie Hayward and Patrick Johnson have mastered the art of wall-to-wall creeps. With lavish window treatments, artwork and embellishments, this small paranormal privy would make any ghost host proud.



They met at a party where a common love for Disneyland was discovered. The Disney-devoted duo loved Walt’s magical parks to the point that they were married at Epcot.



Disney fans might recognize Carrie from her book and app, “Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide,” and Disney blog “Disney Travel Babble.” Patrick perfected puppetry; his company, Swazzle, offers a wide assortment of live puppet powered performances.

Princess Pink Past

The original lavatory’s look presented powerful pink pigments.


Boo-tiful backdrop

Keeping with the Ghost Host’s “wall-to-wall” words, “Dresser II Roomset –Lily” (Ashes of Rose color) wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury, was used to cover the bright pink walls of the small room.


wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury

Curtain Call 

Custom made curtains and lace (in the exact pattern used in the Mansion) completed the window treatments.  Similar work, sans lace, was used to skirt the sink.


Custom made curtains and lace


Custom made curtains around sink


Ready for a swinging wake

The small black chandelier was removed and ceiling repainted.  Adding accents like small rosettes to the faux molding paintwork Patrick provided gave the vintage 1920’s chandelier (made by the same company crafting them for the Haunted Mansion) a perfect perch.


chandelier and ceiling




Final Arrangements

Combining Haunted Mansion collectibles, like lenticular images, candle holding gargoyles, and “marble busts of the greatest ghost writers the mortal world has ever known,” were combined with creepy cool props and ethereal accents (from Etsy and Amazon) to complete the look.








Happy Haunts

Their wickedly wonderful washroom is spook-tacularly stunning. The work done by Carrie and Patrick, with help from designer Leslie, proves that planning and a preference for paranormal playfulness provide perfect playgrounds for one’s passions.  This Disney Haunted Mansion-inspired creative comfort station serves as yet another ethereal example of excellent at home Imagineering.




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Source and Images: Disney Travel Babble, Root Photography, Max Gough, Daveland, Houzz, Bradbury & Bradbury

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