How I Made a Haunted Mansion Inspired, Life-Sized Bride Figure to Haunt My Own Home

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Haunted Mansion Bride

I recently was inspired by a social media post where foolish mortal managed to make their very own ghostly bride based on the iconic spirit haunting the attic in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

The process was pretty simple and, while it still needs just a little bit of tweaking the cobwebbed regions of my dark little heart are thrilled with the result.

Haunted Mansion Bride
pre Constance Haunted Mansion Bride (pictured for comparison)


To make this life-sized spirit, you’ll need a few items to work with.  Be warned the final cost of this otherworldly apparition wasn’t cheap, around $150.  There are ways around the bulk of that cost, but your results may vary (just remember the problems Frederick Frankenstein had when he used inferior parts).

The first and essential item is the base figure from which to add your modifications.  There are tutorials online for making tape ghosts or you can use (and paint) a standard mannequin. I opted for a 5 ½ foot tall figure from Grandin Road. Venetian Victoria will set you back $89 plus shipping (keep an eye out and even search for applicable promotions that the company sometimes runs)

Venetian Victoria

The ghostly figure was a bit of a challenge to set up. Putting the torso on the wire base was not that much trouble, but unwrapping her shroud, which was entangled around her arms, was a bit time-consuming.

Venetian Victoria

To Victoria, I added an oversized red heart that I found on Amazon ($10.99).  I removed the chain from this pendant and used a safety pin to attach it under a layer of the sheer white material that drapes down from her shoulders.

LED Flashing red heart

For the candle, I again turned to Amazon and opted for one having the appearance of wax dripping down the side. The flameless, battery operated candle I ordered is no longer available, but different, a similar set of 4 similar candles runs $13.99.

Battery Operated Candles

The last item I purchased really brought the paranormal project together. As JoAnne’s also honors competitor’s coupons, I was fortunate enough to find a coupon from Michael’s that took a good percentage off my entire purchase (including sale items) and only paid just over $20 for the normally $69.99 White Matte Tulle Ghost Cape.

White Tulle Ghost Cape

This veil from Amazon might make a good alternative for less of your mortal money ($5.99) or just some basic white tulle fabric could work.

White Veil

While the Victoria figure has light up eyes, I’ve opted to leave them turned off. The shine from the embedded bulb gives her pupils a bit of a creepy cool un-lifelike appearance.

Homemade Haunted Mansion Bride

The completed ghostly gal looks great in normal light, aiming a blue (or black) light at the figure gave her an ethereal appearance.

Homemade Haunted Mansion Bride

The final arrangements made to this fiendishly fun figure made me one greatly grinning ghost. I still need to get a bouquet and find a way to better attach the candle – worked in left hand for now, but the eerie essence of this Mansion inspired ghost is evident. Happy Haunting!

Homemade Haunted Mansion Bride


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Have you adapted or made your Haunted Mansion inspired prop or decoration?  Please share your images and comments so that fellow foolish mortals can take inspiration from your creativity.

Images: Joanne’s, Grandin Road, Amazon (for respective items), Michael Gavin

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