13 Killer Haunted Mansion collectibles that will turn you into a Happy Haunt

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Have you ever dreamed of having a home with wall-to-wall creeps and hot and cold running chills? Or perhaps you’ve wished for a library well-stocked with priceless first editions – only ghost stories of course.

While you may not be able to join the 999 happy haunts as a resident of the Haunted Mansion, you can bring a bit of the classic Disney attraction to your home.

Here are 13 Haunted Mansion items to make your home delightfully unlivable:

1. Tales from the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion collectible

If you want to get the library going, this would be a good start. “Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume 1” tells the story of the Fearsome Foursome, a group of middle school children who find themselves at the Mansion.

Of course, one book does not qualify as a collection. Luckily, Volume 2 is also available. “Midnight at Madame Leota’s” tells the story of a new visitor to the Mansion who is lead to a seance with the recognizable spirit herself.

Read our reviews of both Volume 1 and Volume 2.

These books can be yours for $29.97 and $10.48 respectively.

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2. Wallpaper Shower Curtain

Haunted Mansion Shower Curtain

Everywhere you look, you’ll see those grim grinning ghosts with this shower curtain that takes on the design of the iconic Haunted Mansion wallpaper.

Available in four sizes, this curtain will be perfect for any dimensions that you might be working with. This bright and yet somehow simultaneously ominous design will transform your bathroom.

This shower curtain can be yours starting at $57.99.

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3. Madame Leota’s Musical Jewelry Box

Madame Leota's Musical Jewelry Box

Forget Pandora’s box! Do you dare open Leota’s box!? This musical, casket-style jewelry box plays “Grim Grinning Ghosts” and features Madame Leota’s gravestone image on the lid.

Madame Leota's Musical Jewelry Box

Inside the box, the ominous message from her gravestone creates an aura of foreboding as you store your ghostly accessories.

This jewelry box can be yours for $78.00.

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4. Haunted Mansion Dish Towel Set

Haunted Mansion Dish Towels

Even the kitchen isn’t safe from the ghostly spirits. These Haunted Mansion-patterned dish towels feature both the purple wallpaper and Madame Leota.

Whether you’re preparing for a swinging wake or just trying to add a little spookiness to your kitchen, you may want to make these towels materialize in your home.

This dish towel set can be yours for $32.41.

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5. Hatbox Ghost Figure

Hat Box Ghost Figure by Jim Shore

Perhaps the most famous icon of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, the Hatbox Ghost keeps himself from losing his head by carrying it with him everywhere. This hand-painted figure from the Traditions Collection by Jim Shore is a must have for Mansion fans.

With glow-in-the-dark features, this figure takes on a life of its own when the lights go out and adds a little ghostly goodness to your shelf.

This Hatbox Ghost figure can be yours for $125.54.

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6. Blueprint Dinner Plate

Haunted Mansion Dinner Plate

Unlock the secrets of the Haunted Mansion with the building’s blueprints printed on this dinner plate. The design features the layout of the first floor of Mansion, including the portrait gallery, grand ballroom and more.

You can add a little macabre to your meals and impress your guests, both living and dead, with this dinner plate.

This blueprint-designed dinner plate can be yours for $39.99.

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7. Coaster Set

Haunted Mansion Coasters

Master Gracey. Laid to rest. No Mourning please, at his request. This collection of four coasters bares the inscriptions of the humorous headstones found in the iconic graveyard outside the Mansion.

These stone-finished coasters feature Master Gracey, Madame Leota and more come with a coffin-shaped gift casket with “Tomb Sweet Tomb” printed on the outside. These are perfect for any paranormal party.

This coaster set can be yours for $24.95.

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8. Haunted Mansion Clock

Haunted Mansion Clock

This Haunted Mansion Clock will transform your home with its spooky frightfulness. The clock features a “13” at the top to ensure you know exactly when the spooks will be coming out to play and the glow-in-the-dark face will keep you on schedule even in the dark.

The Haunted Mansion Clock can be yours for $80.00

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9. Limited Edition Haunted Mansion Replica Antiqued Copper E Ticket

An ancient relic of Disney parks past, this replica E Ticket is the perfect piece for haunted historians. This pass would have been used to gain access to the mansion back in the days of ticket systems at Disneyland.

The singing busts are featured on the front of this copper-finished collector’s item. The E Ticket, complete with its protective acrylic display and presentation snap case with satin lining and velveteen bed, is a part of The Art of Disney Theme Park Collection.

This limited edition Haunted Mansion copper E Ticket can be yours for $125.00.

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10. Haunted Mansion Sculpted Mug

Haunted Mansion Mug

If you’re going to have the coasters, you might as well have the drinkware too. This finely detailed ceramic mug is perfect for raising the spirits… of your guests.

The Haunted Mansion logo, skulls bats and more can be found on the black exterior of the mug, while the interior shows off that classic Haunted Mansion purple.

This sculpted mug can be yours for $39.99.

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11. Haunted Mansion Hourglass

Haunted Mansion Hourglass

The sands of time countdown to your midnight spree with this terrifying time tracker. This elegant hourglass features lilac sand and gothic decor that creates a sense of anxious fear as you watch the time slip away.

The fully sculptured frame and antiqued finish give this item a look that could make you believe it was taken right from the mansion itself.

This hourglass can be yours for $44.95.

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12. Primitive Wood Sign Shelf Stacking Blocks

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghost Stacking Blocks

The warning should not go unheeded. Those playful spooks will follow you home if you’re not careful, so it might be best to put out some signs to warn your guests so they’re aware of their presence.

These stackable ivory and black block signs are perfect for warding off evil spirits and adding a little life to your decor.

These wood signs can be yours for $35.95

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13. Haunted Mansion Playing Cards

Haunted Mansion Playing Cards


Gather up all the little ghosts and goblins and enjoy some family fun with these glow-in-the-dark playing cards. These cards come with a collector’s coffin-shaped box with purple satin lining so your cards can be stylishly laid to rest while not in use.

These playing cards can be yours for $17.99.

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All of these items can turn your home into your very own Haunted Mansion. Finally, those pesky hitchhiking ghosts are really following you home!

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