At Home Imagineering: Haunted Mansion mobile make-over shows us a few Grim Grinning Gears

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Golden Gate Disneyana Club member Miss Mortis doesn’t need to worry about hitchhiking ghosts. They’re already on board her customized Haunted Mansion-themed Honda Fit.

The eggplant-colored car made “vinyl arrangements” and is now fully covered in iconic Haunted Mansion wallpaper that includes a few familiar fiendish friends.

Miss Mortis is a plus model and owner of Club Bodice, a fun space committed to the cause of body positivity for communities like goth/alternative, plus-size and LGBTQ. A self-proclaimed Disney Fanatic, she holds annual passes to both Disneyland Resort and the Disney Family Museum.

When asked what “drove” her to decorate her Honda, she replied:

I recently had the good fortune of being able to buy my first new car, and I have always been fascinated with shows like Pimp my Ride, West Coast Customs and Overhauling. I have been interested in Vinyl Wrapping videos on YouTube and seeing the art and process of an installation, and I always wanted to be able to ‘pimp’ my own ride. Being a big Disney fan but also considering myself a part of the goth culture, I thought theming my car Haunted Mansion-style would be a great way to bridge the two. I looked into the pricing just out of curiosity and found it to be nearly doable. I had to take out a bit more of a loan, but I justified it by considering how it helps protect the paint of the car and how getting a clear type of protection from the dealership runs about the same price. Mine would just be the Haunted Mansion wallpaper instead of the standard clear protective wrap.”

Customizing cars is usually a father/son tradition.  Miss Mortis’ loved that the entire process she went through was a mother/daughter delight.  Her mom, having already shared a love of all things Disney with her daughter, helped in the planning process.  The professional graphics designer spent 40 +hours designing and reworking renditions of the creepy cool car covering.

Printing and pairing were next.  This was handled by the Freemont-based custom wrap and graphic company, Vinyl Ink.  The result was a bewitching “boo-tiful” Haunted Mansion tribute on wheels.

The groovy, ghostly graphic materialized in some especially spirited spots on the car. The door handles appear as the iconic snake-shaped sensations from the corridor of doors.

The Honda’s haunting hood hosts Haunted Mansion Holiday tarot cards that are enigmatically energized by Madame Leota as she gazes from out of her crystal ball.

Other iconic incarnations, including the bewitched grandfather clock, Haunted Manson logo plaque, eerie artwork and marble busts float about the vehicle.  Several spirits, including the hitchhiking ghosts, haunt the side panels.

A stanchion topper bat, bestowed on the back bumper, shares space with infamous singing busts.

Miss Mortis has been elated with the results. She expressed, “I’m completely in love with the whole thing to be honest. I have been adding some more touches myself since the original wrap like some extra decals on the outside and a couple really awesome seat covers of Constance and Hattie that my mother designed and had printed on generic covers.”

Plans to “plus” the project with future features include adding fiendishly fun fabric to the roof liner and curtains to the back of the car to give the hatchback a happy hearse-like appearance.

In regards to her happily haunted Honda, Miss Mortis has named it “Disney Bat,” symbolizing her passion for Disney and all things Goth. “I love seeing other Disney fans’ reactions when they see it and bringing smiles to people’s faces when it’s on the road. It’s like I’m carrying a little bit of that Disney Magic with me everywhere.”

Want to witness this haunted Honda? Those in the area, or who are planning to attend the world premiere of the “Foolish Mortals” Haunted Mansion documentary in Anaheim CA (July 15, 7pm to 11pm), “Disney Bat” (#DSNYBAT) will be making appearance.

ITM would like to thank Miss Mortis for sharing her Haunted Mansion Honda with our readers.  She can be found on Instagram (@miss_m0rtis or @clubbodice), on Facebook and YouTube.  Her mom is a professional graphic designer, and some of her work is also on Instagram.  The vinyl customization was installed by Vinyl Ink.

If you have a themed decor den, room, home, car, etc, we’d love to share it with our readers.  Please contact

Source and Images: Miss Mortis & Vinyl Ink

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