Haunted Mansion art exhibit celebrates attraction’s 50th anniversary

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Moments with Mr. Lincoln entrance

While the actual Haunted Mansion anniversary date is still a few months away, that didn’t stop Disneyland from conjuring up a special Haunted Mansion art exhibit. The new display materialized at the old Opera House on Main Street in Disneyland.

Rare models, concept artwork and much more shine a spooky spotlight upon the classic Disney attraction. Scores of framed paintings and drawings deliver delightfully dark details as line the walls of The Disney Gallery.

Haunted Mansion art exhibit enter

Walt Disney was fascinated by haunted houses long before the iconic New Orleans Square ghostly retirement home welcomed mortals in 1969. One early concept had a foreboding, phantom filled haunt residing right on Main Street. Thus, it seems fitting that company honors the golden anniversary of its house of boo with this installation.

Haunted Mansion art exhibit 50

Haunted Mansion art exhibit shows real spirit

Close to the entrance of Disneyland, a special sign summons guests: “Welcome Foolish Mortals to ‘Happy Haunts Materialize – Fifty Spirited Years of the Haunted Mansion.’” Just behind this simple, yet elegant announcement, large maroon and white banners hang under the “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” sign that adorns Main Street’s Opera House.

Haunted Mansion art exhibit banner1

The art of Hunted Mansion billboard

Welcome billboard to The Haunted Mansion exhibit

Beyond these festive features, the real chills begin. Within the walls, and ON the walls a haunting host of Mansion masterpieces tell the story of this beloved ride.

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art1

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art2

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art3

An unassuming sign welcomes foolish mortals:

“In celebration of 50 years with our Grim Grinning Ghosts, the Disney “Ghoul-ery” invites you to a special “viewing” of the Haunted Mansion’s residents as they appeared in their corruptible, concept state. Kindly step all the way in to explore the eerie evolution of the Haunted Mansion’s design, from a walk-through attraction at the top of Main Street, U.S.A., to a “Museum of the Weird,” to the ghoulish delight that we know today. As you trace the attraction’s “disquieting metamorphosis,” you’ll discover how Walt Disney Imagineers made final arrangements for a Haunted Mansion that was both silly and spooky by building off the sympathetic vibrations of each other’s ideas.”

Haunted Mansion art exhibit story

Haunted Mansion art exhibit stars

This particular Haunted Mansion art exhibit showcases the amazing talents of nine accomplished artists (each with their own epitaph -and bio):

  • Marc Davis – In Memory Of – Our Patriarch – Dear Departed – GRANDPA MARC
  • Claude Coats – At peaceful rest lies – BROTHER CLAUDE – Planted here – Beneath this sod
  • Ken Anderson – Drink a toast – To our friend KEN – Fill your glass – And don’t say – “When”
  • Xavier “X” Atencio – Requiescat – FRANCiS XAVIER – No time off – for good behavior – RIP
  • Rolly Crump – While BROTHER ROLAND – Here reposes – His soul’s above, – One supposes
  • Blaine Gibson – A train- Made of a stain – Of Absent-minded – UNCLE BLAINE – Rest in Pieces
  • Duane Alt – Goodbye to the impressionable -MR ALT – You Should Know – That it was not his fault
  • Jack Ferces – We will miss our -BROTHER JACK – A fear of heights – He did not lack
  • Joe Kaba – A finer face – We’ll never know – Than that of Dear departed – Handsome JOE – Rest in Peace

-as depicted on the large poster within the exhibit.

Haunted Mansion art exhibit artists

An art show to die for

Die hard Disney Fans and Haunted Mansion enthusiasts alike take delight in the rich history of art and artifacts found within this Haunted Mansion art exhibit. Even the casual park guest should get a thrill from viewing this insightful installation.

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art4

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art5



Haunted Mansion art exhibit art9

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art10

Haunted Mansion art exhibit art11

Disney Gallery is located near the entrance of Disneyland Park in Anaheim California. The attraction is usually open during park hours and welcomes guests of all ages.

Disney Art Gallery

Source and images: Robbie Bulus, Disneyland

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