The Disney Experience: Craft-centric diversions with a Disney flair

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Disney Ship toy

Find perfect pixie-dust-powered possibilities at The Disney Experience. With school out, Disney Experience offers excellent craft-centric diversions, especially for those rainy days.

From clever crafts and paper models to computer customization, this magical website whisks fans into a world of colorful creativity. These digital delights include incarnations from all realms of Disney franchises.

Conjuring digital magic for 20 years, The Disney Experience website wonders fall into three main categories. Visitors wishing to Disneyfy their computers enjoy screen savers, fonts and wallpapers. On the crafting side, assorted projects gather in their own section of the site. Additionally, scores of creative paper models await those who wish to build their favorite Disney themed displays.

Paper model magic

The bulk of magic manifesting on the Disney Experience site materializes as paper models. Iconic attractions, familiar characters, masks, toys and assorted other paper crafts offer hours of clever crafting fun for fans. Nestled among the 27 pages of papercraft perfection tips and videos serve up additional guidance for would-be crafters.

The Disney Experiecne HM Clock

Builds range from complex to simple. A few of the finds on site include Andy’s room (diorama) from “Toy Story,” Star Tours speeders, the “Nautilus” and a very detailed Pirate Ship Restaurant.

Craft inspiration from Disney Experience

From pop up cards to popcorn boxes, Disney Experience offers fans hours of crafting delight. Paper dolls, masks, gift tags, coloring pages and even cross stitch selections fill the 11 pages of projects. For Halloween fans, Disney themed pumpkin carving patterns haunt as well.

Disney Experience gift tags

Disney Experience popcorn box Disney Experience Pop up card

Disney Experience Computer collection

Either for home enhancement or to add a bit of mouse magic to work computers, Disney inspired icons, mouse cursors, fonts, avatars and wallpapers whisk digital domains into fantasy realms.

Avatars – Disney characters, attractions and icons make fun avatar images. With five pages of options (including  Zero, Club 33, Star Tours, classic Mickey and Bambi) choosing a favorite might be a challenge.

Fonts – Adding a bit of pixie dust to any document is as easy as downloading any of the various fonts found on site. Find fonts from classic and extinct attraction lettering (EPCOT, Haunted Mansion, XS Tech, Twilight Zone and more) to movie-inspired designs.

Disney Experience fonts

Icons – six pages packed with imaginative icons transform mundane workstations into delightful Disney escapes. Park attractions (10 varying sets) include several Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean themes. Disney cartoons, characters and movies are also represented.  A link at the top of each page reveals instructions on how to install.

Disney Experience Attraction icons 1


Disney Experience POTC icons


Disney Experience attraction icons2

Mouse Cursors – Tired of a boring old arrow? Download one of 20 different cursor modifications. Turn that mouse locator into characters like Goofy, Lumiere, Sorcerer Mickey, Tinkerbell and more.

Wallpapers – 13 pages of standard and widescreen wallpapers await. Downloads include attraction inspired digital décor, along with characters, logos, tickets and much more.

Disney Experience ticket wp

Disney Experience HTTH WP

Disney Experience sub WP

About the Experience

Many of the downloads and crafts on this world wide web wonder download for free. Others request a donation to cover costs of operation. Both original The Disney Experience content and guest contributions (Haunted Dimensions, for example) reside within. Some projects and downloads link to external sites. Site followers benefit from various events like Star Wars weeks and Trick-or-treat.

Disney Experience DD WP

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Source and images: The Disney Experience

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