TikToker Denounces Disney’s Illegal Practice in Viral Video

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Disney has been put in the spotlight after a TikToker denounced the company’s illegal practice in a viral video.

The Walt Disney Company is commemorating 100 years of wonder with the Disney100 celebrations expanding throughout the company, reaching Disney Parks worldwide, including Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and more.

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Sadly, 2023 has not been the kindest year to Disney, as The Walt Disney Company has been embroiled in controversies and lawsuits for a good part of the year, with the most notorious being the lengthy legal and political battle between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the House of Mouseharming local businessestheme park attendance, and sparking multiple demonstrations from hate groups outside Walt Disney World Resort.

Additionally, Disney faced a multi-million lawsuit in the Golden State after Disneyland Resort Magic Key holders accused the company of deceptive business practices. And as if that weren’t enough, a woman is pursuing legal action against Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, after suffering from “scarring, mental anguish, loss of the capacity of enjoyment of life, expensive hospitalization and medical care, and loss of earnings, all of which injuries are either permanent or continuing in nature.”

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Additionally, several content creators have had coarse interactions with The Walt Disney Company. Inside the Magic recently reported on a TikTok creator allegedly being targeted by the company with a strict censorship campaign despite not receiving a formal cease and desist from the House of Mouse. Earlier this year, another TikTok creator came forward to share his concern following the inappropriate use of a Disney character in his content.

On top of that, owners of an Orlando-based small shop stirred debate as they were banned from Walt Disney World Resort after ignoring multiple cease and desist orders and infringing trademark and copyright laws in a scandalous lawsuit.

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The Walt Disney Company has been put in the spotlight once again after an actress and model exposed Disney for engaging in an illegal practice through a viral video.

TikTok user Rylie Shaw (@rylie_shaw) recently posted a video on the social network explaining how Disney was “illegally using [her] face.” Riley mentioned that this ordeal started in 2015 when she and her extended family went on vacation to a resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and purchased an activity to swim and interact with dolphins at the resort.

The TikToker commented that she must have been eleven at the time and that she and her brother grew up as kids in the modeling and acting industries, which caused her family to refuse to sign a “media release form” that would allow the Mexican resort to use the family’s photographs to promote their dolphin experience.

A family enjoying the Disney Cruise Line stop-off at Castaway Cay
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Rylie continued her story by saying that she and her family revisited the Mexican resort in 2018 to find out that she and her brother were in the resort’s marketing to promote their dolphin experience, even when the family had not signed the contract during their first visit. She commented that her mother contacted the resort to inform them of the illegal use of their picture but was disappointed to realize there was little they could do as it was an international resort.

“Fast forward to 2023. Apparently, now Puerto Vallarta is a stop for Disney Cruises,” accurately said Rylie, as Puerto Vallarta, Ensenada, and Mazatlán are some of the destinations offered by the Disney Cruise Line. The TikToker then mentioned that she had recently received a screenshot from the official Disney Cruise Line website, which surprisingly featured a picture of her and her family that she included in her video.

“So I’m currently on the Disney Cruise website illegally,” said the creator before ending her video. You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

should my next story be how I actually modeled for disney cruise? lol #storytime #disney #disneycruise #modeling #vacation #acting #childactor


should my next story be how I actually modeled for disney cruise? lol #storytime #disney #disneycruise #modeling #vacation #acting #childactor

♬ original sound – Rylie Shaw ✨

Rylie mentioned that, ironically, she and her brother had worked with Disney formally by doing modeling and commercials for the company, specifically for the Disney Cruise Line, and asked viewers if her next story should be on how she actually modeled for the Disney Cruise Line in her caption.

It is unclear if Disney quickly became aware of this illegal practice following the viral TikTok video. Still, the official Disney Cruise Line website with details of the dolphin experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, had been updated by the time of this article’s publishing, removing Rylie and her family’s photo and replacing it with an image of Port Adventures. You can see a screenshot of the updated website below.

Screenshot of the Disney Cruise Line Port Adventure Dolphin Signature Swim experience after the website had been updated
Credit: Screenshot via the official Disney Cruise Line website

Surely Disney received the “illegal” image from the resort after their partnership in Mexico, unaware of its status and background, and swiftly removed it from its website. However, no official statements have been released addressing the situation. The TikToker had not posted any videos giving additional details on the experience as of this article’s publishing.

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