Teenager Brutally Beaten at Six Flags

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Entrance to Six Flags Over Georgia with a roller coaster in the background

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A 14-year-old boy was beaten by a group of people outside of Six Flags Over Georgia, prompting a debate regarding the safety of the theme park chain in general.

Guests riding the Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure
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Six Flags is easily the most recognized theme park chain in the United States. From Magic Mountain in Southern California to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, each amusement park has brought numerous roller coasters, thrill rides, and other exciting attractions to the masses, including Twisted Cyclone, the Great American Scream Machine, and Superman: Ultimate Flight.

However, concern has recently grown regarding safety at these parks, especially during their popular Fright Fest events. This worry peaked in the past month with the news that a young teenager was attacked by a group of people at Six Flags Over Georgia.

14-Year-Old Boy Attacked After Fright Fest

Guests being terrified by Scare Actors at Fright Fest
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On September 16, a 14-year-old boy was attacked as he left the thrill capital of the South after attending Fright Fest with his friends. While he was on his way to meet up with his mother, a group of strangers attacked him in a parking lot. “They said, ‘Did you jump my brother?’ I say ‘no,'” said the teenager. “As I’m walking off, they just started jumping on me and attacking me.”

He continued, “I was just getting beat. My mouth started bleeding. I had knots on my head. They just beat on me for no reason.” The attack was caught on video and uploaded to social media, according to the victim’s attorney, Mohammed Luwemba. While the video does show a group of people standing by, no security or police could be seen.

zombies riding a roller coaster at Six Flags Fright Fest
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Police are still investigating the incident, but Luwemba believes this gang is “free-picking” their victims. “They’ll find that individual alone or individual with very few people that they can outnumber and just assault them, and that assault could potentially be a gang initiation,” he said. “That assault could potentially be to rob that individual or, just like my client, to intimidate the individual.”

Luwemba says that the boy is still recovering from the injuries and suffering from headaches due to the blows to the head. He also stated that he plans to sue the theme park chain, although the company says it is not liable since the incident occurred on a privately owned parking lot nearby. Still, this has led to many people being worried about the safety of Six Flags parks in general.

This is an Ongoing Problem in Six Flags Parks

Guests riding Superman Ultimate Flight at Discovery Kingdom
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Unfortunately, this upsetting incident isn’t the first time a teenager was attacked by a group of people near the park. The victim, also represented by Mohammed Luwembo, was jumped by a group inside the park to steal his $1,400 Balenciaga shoes. According to Luwembo, security did not intervene in this situation as well.

“There is a systematic problem with a lack of security at Six Flags for patrons, specifically children,” he said. “The common theme is large groups of unescorted youth that are not being monitored by security or lack of security presence, and most importantly, a lack of security response.

The Joker coaster Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
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While the details have varied, numerous attacks have been reported at multiple different Six Flags amusement parks across the country, including a stabbing that took place at Discovery Kingdom and a ride operator who was attacked by guests at Six Flags Great America.

This seems to have been happening more and more frequently at Six Flags parks, prompting guests to wonder if the theme parks are actually safe. One recommendation that has been put forward is a chaperone policy. When Knott’s Berry Farm had similar issues, it did wonders for the beloved Southern California theme park. Only time will tell if Six Flags will make any changes whatsoever.

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