How Six Flags Is Eliminating Lines

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One of the most frustrating things to deal with at any Theme Park is the lines. However, Six Flags Entertainment may soon eliminate that problem entirely by teaming up with a grocery store.

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Every single Theme Park in the world has an issue with queues. From Disney to Universal Studios to your favorite local Amusement Park, people will come and completely pack the place.

This is definitely true at the various Six Flags parks around North America. Whether at Six Flags Great Adventure, Magic Mountain, New Jersey, Great America, or Six Flags New England, you’ll be facing a long line of people at some point preventing you from getting to your favorite attraction, merchandise, or food.

But unlike its grander rivals, Six Flags is taking a step to bring Guests a more streamlined experience with the help of Amazon and Coca-Cola. And it looks like it could change the Theme Park industry forever.

Six Flags and Amazon Are Working Together To Get Guests In and Out

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In an interview with Modern Retail, Global VP of Strategic Marketing and Partnership at Six Flags Entertainment Stephanie Borges knows that the most significant issue at a Park is the lengthy lines, saying, “We look at holistically a consumer coming to our parks and all the different things that they’re doing in that day and one of the pain points is always lines.” So their solution is to utilize Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

Teaming up with Amazon and Coca-Cola, the Theme Park chain is building a new Quick 6 convenience store in Six Flags New Jersey. If a Guest puts their credit card number into their Just Walk Out device, they can enter the store anytime, grab what they want, and just leave.

the new Six Flags Quick 6 store utilizing Amazon technology
Credit: Six Flags

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If this is successful and boosts their profits, a similar store will be built in California’s Magic Mountain, and Coca-Cola plans to replace every vending machine in Parks around the country with this new technology.

Not only can this signify a massive shift in the retail experience of Theme Parks, but it could also change how attraction lines work, replacing the commonly utilized “Fast Pass” system that has been misused and abused in Amusement Parks around the country.

This is just one of many technological advancements that Six Flags is implementing this year, including a move towards being 100% solar-powered and the construction of a brand-new esports arena in Northern Texas.

Do you think this partnership with Amazon and Coca-Cola will help the Theme Park industry overall? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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