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a long and crowded queue or line

Credit: FantasyWorld Resort


  1. Jason

    It’s called Six Flags Great Adventure!

    1. B

      they need more smooth rollercoasters that are longer and also some better rides. There just isn’t enough rides.

      1. Lawrence

        It sure would be nice if the writer would even mention HOW they intend to shorten the lines!

  2. John

    So, I am not sure how the two of the previous comments actually relate to the topic of the article, and the third comment indicates the reader may not have fully understand that this technology is only currently related to a c-store type of operation inside the Six Flags Amusement Parks where this concept will be tested. That said, if the technology works as planned, it will clearly help to eliminate lines for CPG’s and pre-packaged foods. Not sure yet how it would apply to rides, attractions, and restaurant lines inside the parks, but it is promising technology. Also, never bet against Amazon or Coca-Cola!

  3. P.C.Knott

    Golly gee Beav, I don’t see any issues with customers doing a grab n go, do you?

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