Wuhan-Disney Discussions Were a Lie, According to Chinese Media

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Wuhan-Disney Talks Were a Lie, Per Chinese Media | Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Everyone deserves a bit of Disney. That’s why it was so exciting when the Walt Disney Company said it was in talks with the Wuhan commerce bureau about a new development. Recent information from official Chinese media sources came to light, showing the Wuhan-Disney discussions were, in fact, a lie.

This announcement leaves many hopeful fans dismayed and disappointed.  Murray King, charged with public relations out of the Shanghai Disney Resort, says the Wuhan-Disney discussions were a lie falling under the fake news category.

Disney now has 12 different theme parks in areas across the globe, with the Walt Disney Company engaging in almost all continents. Needless to say, expanding is not unusual for Disney. After all, that’s how theme parks get built.

The Hong Kong Disneyland is one of Disney’s two Asian locations. Shanghai is home to the other Disney theme park on the continent. There were supposed talks of expanding but learning that the Wuhan-Disney talks were a lie throws a wrench in those plans.

Guests at Hong Kong Disneyland | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

It’s no secret that the coronavirus impacted Disney Parks. Lockdowns everywhere offered a new challenge for Disney fans: keeping the magic alive. Learning the fact that Wuhan-Disney discussions were fake comes amidst tensions about the handling of Disney theme parks during the outbreaks. So how is Disney moving forward?

A Closer Look At EPCOT's China Pavilion - Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Disney continues to open new attractions in its international resorts. During the pandemic, the company cooperated with legislation globally. Yet the changes in the political atmosphere and international relations suggest a change.

There’s talk as recent as April 2030 that Disney might need to move out of China. What the future holds for Disney theme parks remains up in the air, especially in Asia. That said China’s official release suggests that it was a little less real and a little more Disney imagination.

What do you think? Do you believe the Wuhan-Disney discussions were a lie, or is there some truth there? Share your thoughts with Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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