Gang Activity on the Rise at Disney Parks

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Disney "gang" Main St. Elite

Credit: @ImpemboGanecue on Twitter

There have been several reports recently of fights breaking out at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, leading many to wonder what’s going on with Disney Guests.

The answer is shocking, considering Walt Disney World is the “most magical place on earth.” One would think that a Disney Park would be above, or at least outside of, many of the issues plaguing the real world, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Last week, Inside the Magic covered a fight that broke out at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World and a post on Twitter may have answers about why it happened.

Credit: @MasterGraceyJr

Twitter user @ImpemboGanecue reposted a video of the fight with the caption, “Ever since I found out about the existence of Disney World Gangs I have never been the same. We are not well.”

Now technically, the Disney Parks do have gangs, but they’re actually called “social clubs,” and there are apparently over 200 different clubs. They’re easily mistaken for gang members due to the motorcycle-style jackets and vests they wear along with their club logos, colors, and styles. While they may participate in a “ride takeover,” and have been rumored to be involved in some misbehavior throughout the Parks, the members of these clubs are just like regular Guests. They consider the Parks their home and supposedly go above and beyond to interact with Cast Members and help keep an eye out for Guest misbehavior or other issues.

disneyland gangs header
Credit Left: Matternhorn Mountain Climbers SC Credit Right: Big Bad Wolves SC

@ImpemboGanecue shared a photo of several members of Main St. Elite in the comments of his original post, and many Twitter users demanded to know if it was a joke. “This is the saddest and cringiest thing I’ve seen in my entire life,” stated @HappyHellscapes. “Nope not buying it this is AI generated,” claimed @sharkerteeth. “Any time i think florida can’t get any weirder i am surprised once again,” @Bon3man1 commented.

lost skippers of disneyland social club gang
Credit: on IG

@TheFamilyAliens mentioned, “The other troubling thing about these rumble squads is that the Walt Disney Company allows them on its property.” Although these Guests aren’t technically gang members, they do project a similar image for those unfamiliar with them. With their distinct and representative colors and logos, it’s understandable that another Guest may not realize exactly who or what they are.

Sons of Anakin Disneyland social club disneyland gang vests
Credit: @thesonsofanakin on IG

While technically a social club and supposedly helping to maintain the atmosphere of the Parks, the Cast Members are there for a reason. Members of these Disney social clubs can enjoy the Park like everyone else, even with their Disney found family, without trying to emulate a gang. As @wethebstmusic said, “we live in a strange time.”

Did you know about the “Disney gangs?” What do you think of them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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