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Disney "gang" Main St. Elite

Credit: @ImpemboGanecue on Twitter


  1. Gary

    I had a feeling that was next or something like it. Law enforcement needs a larger presence.

    1. Jeremiah

      More law enforcement for people walking around Disney in vests? Why? They aren’t doing anything illegal, or even wrong.

      1. Kathy

        You dont think taking over a ride is wrong when people have been waiting hours?? Your’e part of the problem!

        1. Kevin

          I think when they say “ride takeover”, it just means 200 people at once get in line.

          I’ve seen school groups do exactly that, and while annoying, it isn’t illegal. Let people live their best life.

        2. Bigbotz

          Ride takeover means around 100 people get in and wait in line like everyone else and end up being the only people riding when they get to the ride. Stop turning nothing but fun into fear mongering.

    2. Henry VIII

      Hmmm… yes… we already militarized our schools, why not the theme parks?

  2. Serendip

    My God, look out for those harden criminals, the. Mickey Mouser gang.

    1. Name

      They take lunch money I hear. Hahaha

    2. Joy syllivan

      Lol they even have baby gangs this is getting so strange you can think that governor for this

      1. Kd

        Exactly how is this the governors fault? 🤦‍♀️

        1. That’s what I was wondering too.

  3. Name

    Itm fake information will get you sued how has it not happened yet.

    1. MsZac

      Please tell us exactly how you know this is “hasn’t happened yet”! Hmm just like I thought you’re absolutely clueless.

    2. I agree with you. DeSantos and his GANG are trying to discredit Disney. Without Disney there possibly wouldn’t be Universal. Without Disney there would be a lot of old people going there to die.

      1. jal11180

        Silence, Margaret, you stupid Karen troll! No one asked for your deranged polititards agenda on here. Moreover, DeSantis is honestly the least of the problems that Disney has with itself currently. How about fixing the writers, actors, and workers strikes, addressing the rising costs of tickets, and the diminishing quality of the returns of investment for the travel packages to Disney locations, a global depression that is only getting worse, and actually listening to the fan base instead of a small group of political activists that honestly know nothing about what the actual fan base wants from Disney products? I could honestly go on and on with the myriad of problems that Disney has besides DeSantis.

        1. Henry VIII

          Wow… for someone who is seemingly chill with DeSantis’ clearly anti-business agenda (don’t argue, it’s obvious and you’ll look more like a fool), you seem to want to give Disney the power to fix a lot of really really big problems. “Global depression”? Yes, totally a private corp’s responsibility.
          Work on your internal logic before vomiting talking points.

        2. Duke

          These social clubs aren’t the ones involved in the random violence at Disney parks, so why focus on them as if they’re terrorizing park goers like an actual street gang? Disney’s real problem is that their woke agenda has runoff a huge chunk of their customer base. Then the issues with price versus experience…

      2. Love joy

        True,I’ve never seen so much in one man,I feel sorry for his kids

      3. John

        Reality…the young people that go to Florida, stay there, turn old and then die! Florida isn’t a retirement destination anymore!

  4. Jim

    You hire and train security officers to maintain safety. Not gang-bangers.

    Disney is starting to make Great Adventure look good. And that’s not easy to do.

    1. Jeremiah

      These are guests, not Cast Members.

  5. Florida Man

    This is all California people. DISNEYLAND. never seen this in DISNEY WORLD in my life

    1. Jonathan

      Wrong. The video is from Disneyworld.

  6. Bill Jones

    Has WDW run it’s course as Entertainment Capitol of the world? $6000 a week family visit.. Child trans/gay influencer. Unhappy employees.. Layoffs of thousands.. Poor management.. GANG target.. The mouse is in big trouble.

    1. Bigbotz

      Disney travel clubs are not “gangs.” You people and your fear mongering are out of control. Are you afraid of your own shadow as well? Ride takeover is done everywhere by groups including school trips. They wait in line with usually 100 or so people like everyone else and “takeover” when it’s their turn.

    2. SK

      I have family that goes all the time. Where is your information coming from?

  7. Renee

    This brings a whole new meaning to the Mickey mouse club

  8. Jason

    Get your facts straight!! Disney Social Clubs aren’t a Florida thing!! They are At Disneyland in California.
    1- they are not gangs, they are some of the nicest people you’ll meet in any Disney park
    2- they continuously help out cast members or anyone in need they see. They pick up trash or liter anytime they see it in the parks
    3- they have rules in each club about no fighting, any member of an SC that gets in trouble at a park is instantly banned from the club or any other club because they disrespected Disney and the club they represent!!
    4- I wish they had some in Florida because I would join one. They would never let a fight like the one at Magic Kingdom happen if they could help resolve the situation

    So do some research when you decide to call people out that you don’t know and are blaming a fight on groups on the opposite side of the country and a completely different park then where the fight occurred

    1. Deb

      Well thanks Jason for the info ,I dnt see a problem with this if they are there to help 🙂

    2. Bgr

      Couldn’t agree more đź‘Ť

    3. Erik Jeffries

      There is nothing more cringe than a Disney ‘adult.’ They are some of the most vile and mentally unstable people at the parks. They make trying to enjoy your time to decompress tiring.

      Not to mention that a lot of these fights you’re seeing happen in Disneyland as well. Mostly though it’s from a certain segment of society that believes they are entitled and can do as they please.

    4. There are clubs in Florida, they dont run as deep or have a designated park day like Disneyland.

    5. Laura

      Florida has them too. I have a list.

    6. Corey Randolph

      Come on no matter what the judgements of twats are the same ones that whined about the Star Wars having no white male as a lead Character.

  9. A

    Yeeeah… Getting most of your information from a Twitter post is probably not the most credited information unless the person was in that situation in person. Which when I took the 5 minutes to research I found it was in California’s Disneyland…. And you didn’t even source from the right person who posted the video- and that person even got the information wrong about it’s location.

  10. Teddy Gingerich

    I’ve seen plenty of social club members at DL; they are genuinely nice people who love the park and have a fun connection with other like-minded people. As mentioned, they strictly forbid misbehavior of any kind. “Ride takeovers” are just a group getting in line for a ride. They do pick up litter and try to make the park a nicer place for everyone.

  11. N

    Nothing to see here folks. This should be renamed the “Bash Disney” site? It seems me it offers only misinformation & scare tactics to discourage visitors. Proceed with caution and verify ALL info here before taking it as fact.

  12. Tas

    Well, several of the pictures have Disneyland…that is California.

  13. I wish they were armed.

    1. Erik Jeffries

      Well, they could have gotten pirate guns from Adventureland, but woke Disney removed them!

  14. Joel

    Has this site become a safe haven for Rhonda Santis? A lot of thr published stories here are untrue. I have 3 family members that are high up at Disney Security. This whole site is headed into a spiral.

    1. Erik Jeffries

      What does Disneyland have to do with Ron DeSantis? He lives rent free in the minds of you ignorant simpletons. And if you did have family ‘high up at Disney security, you’d understand that 85+% of the CMs at WDW agree and support DeSantis. The irony of Disney suing DeSantis on 1st Amendment is that Disney does not afford their employees the same. If you don’t follow the leftist, Commiefornia ideology they will target you. Floridians are tired of the hateful left in California trying to dictate what we do in Florida. Disney is a guest in this state and it’s time they start paying their fair share!

      1. T

        Ron, is that you?

    2. jal11180

      Joel and Margaret, quit being a Kevin and a Karen. DeSantis is honestly the least of the problems that Disney has right now. What are you two doing to fix those far bigger, as well as more obvious, problems?

      1. Bigbotz

        My disney investment in my portfolio has performed better than most. Since I first invested in disney it has blossomed into a massive nest egg that the tax I’d have to pay when I sell will be more than 5 times my original investment.

  15. Sambo

    And they arm themself with smoked turkey legs,greasy inedible pizza and watered down overpriced craft beers.. but their secret weapon is to slip you a mickey


    Go ahead, try and wear your so-called colors, patches of your club on civilian streets and see what happens to you. I’d like to see your so called Disney patch members try your so called shit on the streets. I guarantee you won’t get very far. You all watch to many T. V shows to try and pull of what you are doing.

    1. Bigbotz

      From someone who got the name and email boxes mixed up. Roflmao


    That is outrageous and disrespectful to cause any sort of spectacle that takes away or interrupts the Magic of Disney!Cause and effect…They are only promoting harsh and inappropriate messages and actions,the backlash will only hurt the Disney Brand and it’s loving guests..Don’t bring that street attitude to the Magical Kingdom and keep that attitude out of America and anywhere else…People will be held responsible for their actions,subject to fines and prison…are my magical wishes…They are not exhibiting mature,adult persona and behavior.They’re rivaling one another and also Disney…Lorde Chief Captain MarS J_thee Royal Majesty…the EMPEROR…And I ask they refrain of their actions any further…Their actions cannot be tolerated!have a wonderful day!

    1. A

      Did you even read the story?
      It’s a satirical headline that is highlighting how Disney-themed social clubs have jackets that look like gang attire (minus the Disney themed names and patches/emblems on them).
      The video highlighting the one reported fight doesn’t even show anybody in the so called “gang attire”!

  18. Jeremiah

    Thanks for yet another Complete B.S. article.
    This site used to be an honest informative site. But lately it has become a gossip channel, or even worse with this one.

    That’s too bad, because I liked the articles, and I would often click on some of the ads.
    Well, no more. I’m out.

    1. Bigbotz

      When was this ever an honest informative site? Pure trash.

  19. Michael

    This is gang activity? Is our governor getting that desperate that he gets people to call that a gang? Florida is doomed. We need a change in leadership and leave Disney alone.

  20. This site took my name and email and didn’t post my comment said I already posted they just want your info

  21. Kay

    First off all motorcycle club don’t participate in illegal activities making them this “gang” term that everyone uses too freely. Secondly these social clubs don’t understand the dangers they do bring to themselves, families and kids emulating these so called “gang.” Everyone wants to be something until it’s all bad and then they don’t want the problems that come along with emulating! But y’all have fun!

    1. Gijoe750

      Exactly, it’s starts off innocently then it turns into something entirely different.

      It’s like the non 1%er MCs that ultimately turn into 1%ers.

  22. Christine Moore

    They have been around for awhile, but Disneyland put a stop to them. Although I did see one person with a vest the other day at Disneyland.

    1. There are clubs in Florida, they dont run as deep or have a designated park day like Disneyland.

      1. Laura

        They did not stop the clubs.

  23. Sue

    Personally I think this is a planned movement. What could be a better way To give people a different concept of Disney Being a magic a place and safe for kids then to try and work from inside the park To create havoc and promote violence. we all know where the violence comes from and we all know who supports the violence and it’s not disney

    1. jal11180

      Actually, Walt Disney was a Communist and also had Socialist leanings, but he had to hide those things to escape scrutiny from Joseph McCarthy.

  24. Mark

    Well dinsey needs put this in the policy no gang jacket any misbehaving will be removed from park and band.

  25. Nicole

    Jeezus, this is no different than the social clubs my grandparents were part of… Like the CB clubs and Ham radio clubs of old! These are not ‘gangs’. God people are so out of touch.

    While there are always some who misbehave. It’s no different than soccer or football club fans that fight with their rivals. Are we going to start calling them gangs too? They all wear matching jerseys and colors too.

  26. DOOK

    That’s not as pathetic as it gets. It’s pretty close though. You want to play dress up ? Ok, go ahead. If you are interfering with other guests vacation time or think that you’re some kind of Disney police, you should be tossed out. Get a life.

  27. Mary

    More Pro-DeSantis propaganda from this phony site! 🤮

  28. Dale

    Disney gangs… Seriously?
    Have you seen these people?
    Most are just Disnoids, nerds if you wish. I doubt any of them can ride a motorcycle, know anything about firearms, and their idea of drugs are eating a bag of English toffee on Main Street and becoming delusional from the sugar rush.
    They love having their photos taken and talking about their Mickey-themed clubs.
    I’ve never seen any of them act up or cause any issue, and like most Disney fans, the real world is a scary place so they feel safe within the berm.

  29. Bubba

    I hope a cruise missle hits the place .Nothing but Reprobates there now.

  30. Seriously the picture shows a bunch of people wearing jean jackets with their character on them the one family has a girl in a wheelchair and the other children around them that are supposed to be this gang or like 13 and 8 years old and this is a picture you used to describe a situation with gang members going into the park that cost about $100 to get in right and so all these gang members with all their big money are going in to stand in mind to ride a ride and take it over for what another example of fear mongering by our media it’s ridiculous.

  31. Tomasa

    Yes I know about it and warn my family and friends.. I have chose not to visit the parks any longer that is very dangerous and those in charge at Disney should have real police officers all over that property.
    My friends and family are staying away, they.feel not only has Disney become so expensive but not to have the place secure by police officers it’s dangerous and not safe. It’s to easy for these gangs to cause trouble when the park is full of people who simply go there to have fun and enjoy without being hurt or killed.

  32. NMK

    Pretty sure you spelled that wrong. At Disney they are ….. GAY-ngs.

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