What Are The Disneyland Gangs?

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Credit Left: Matternhorn Mountain Climbers SC Credit Right: Big Bad Wolves SC

First, they aren’t really gangs at all. The Disneyland Gangs are more like Social Clubs of Disney fans that group together based on interests, attraction loves, or locale. Let’s break down who the Disneyland Gangs are, how to spot them, and if you feel so inclined, how you can join these Disneyland Social Clubs!

What Are The Disneyland Gangs?

disney rug-a-billies social club
Credit: @disneyrug_a_billiesart on IG

Like we said before – they’re not really gangs. But outsiders, or those unfamiliar with them, may perceive them to be gangs, because of the very cool motorcycle-inspired vests, the close kinship of Disney fans, and large gatherings (or ride takeovers as some have noted). There are more than 200 Disneyland Social Clubs (as they prefer to be called), and they all have different likes, personalities, and “mascots.” The Social Clubs can be large families, groups of close friends, or huge 100-200 person clubs that meet up to hang out at the Disney Theme Parks.

Vice carried a story talking about the Disney “Punks of Magic Kingdom” story. While there are rumors of misbehavior, clubs like Main Street Elite and Neverlanders think of the Parks as home and will go to lengths to talk to Cast Members about their day and to notify them if they see rules being broken. Disney Spokesperson Kevin Rafferty went on the record about the groups, saying, “We are fortunate to have Guests who share such a strong affinity for Disneyland Resort.”

In the comments section of [an] OC Weekly story, a reader claiming to be a former Disneyland cast member defended the groups as well. “Many of these social club goers were the nicest guests I ever had interactions with,” the commenter wrote. “[They] always made a point to stop and say hello to ask how my shift was going so far, or to just talk about anything Disney. Yes, their ‘look’ is unconventional for Disneyland, but their love of Disneyland is their best quality.”

sid's toys sc
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBRmpflDsHA/

After researching, we found the founders of the first Social Club may have been The Neverlanders. They were the first real group with social-club-style identity. After that came The Hitchhikers and the Main Street Elite. From there, many similar groups spawned until we get to the incredible numbers present today in the Disney Parks.

Different Social Clubs have different rules regarding dues, vest patches, membership locations and even Annual Passes. Find a club that speaks to you, and reach out to them!

List of Disneyland Social Clubs

There are probably more Disneyland Gangs or Disneyland Social Club groups than meets the eye. This amazingly updated list “of alphabetical, somewhat accurate, ever-changing list of social clubs” comes from the Social Clubs of Disney website, and was last updated in 2020. There are many other clubs that have been disbanded or have not been heard from in a few years and have therefore been marked inactive as far as social clubs go.

Below, you will find both Disneyland anchored social clubs (Like the White Rabbits Social Club) and Walt Disney World Resort fan clubs, with some going bicoastal in an effort to really enjoy the US theme parks.

Golden Skulls social club disneyland gangs
Credit: @goldenskullssc on IG
  • 100 Acre Hunnys SC
  • 1313 Legion SC
  • 2nd Star Flyers SC
  • 33rd Alley Cats SC
  • 626 Locos SC
  • 626 Ohana Crew SC
626 ohana crew disneyland gang
Credit: @626OhanaCrew on IG
  • A113 Pin Traders
  • Acme Squad SC
  • Adventurers SC
  • Adventurers SC, The
  • Agents of Hydra SC
  • Alley Cats SC, The
  • Andy’s Misfits SC
  • Asgardians Of The Castle
  • Aviators SC, The
  • Bad Apples DC, The
  • Bad Apples SC
  • Bangarang Babes SC, The
  • Bare Necessities SC
  • Batuu Bandits SC
  • Beast Brigade SC
  • Belles Book Club SC
  • Big Bad Wolves SC, The
Big Bag wolves disneyland social club motorcycle vest and patch
Credit: @bigbadwolvessc on IG
  • Black Fleet Council
  • Briar Patch Kids
  • Brutal Horsemen SC, The
  • BucketHeads SC
  • Carsland Cruisers
  • Chernabog’s Lost Souls SC
  • Children of Thanos
  • Class of 55 SC
  • Cloud City Crew SC
  • Club 55 SC
  • Coco’s Compadres Social Club
  • Coco’s Locos SC
  • Come on Guys, Here We Go! SC
  • Dark Side Elite
dark side elite disneyland social club
Credit: @Dark_Side_Elite_SC on IG
  • Dark Side SC, The
  • Darth Maulers SC
  • Davy Jones Walkers
  • Dead Men Crew
  • Death X Star Zombies
  • Descenders SC, The
  • Desert Disneylanders SC
  • Diciples of the Force
  • Disney Bad Kid Club
  • Disney Candlelights SC
  • Disney Flyers SC
  • Disney Haunters SC
  • Disney Nerd Clique
  • Disney Punks SC
  • Disney Resort Imbeciles
  • Disney Social Club 23
  • Disney Thieves SC
  • Disney World Elites
  • Disney: Once Upon A Time Club
  • Disneyland Day of The Dead SC
  • Disneyland Guardians
  • Disneyland’s Rug-A-Billies
disney rug-a-billies social club
Credit: @disneyrug_a_billiesart on IG
  • Disney’s Death Eaters SC
  • Disney’s Forbidden Eye SC
  • Disney’s Low n Slow SC
  • Disney’s Time Lords SC
  • Disney’s Villains SC
  • Dole Whip Boyz SC
  • Duck Side SC, The
  • Emily’s Avengers SC
  • Eticket Riders SC
  • Fairy Godmothers SC, The
  • Figment’s Imagineers SC
  • First Order Disney
  • Flynn’s Riders SC So Cal
  • Forces Of The Fett, The
  • Fountains of Color SC
  • Fred’s Angels Disney SC
  • Frozen Few SC
  • Frozen Royalty SC
  • Gaston’s Hoptomists
  • Gatekeepers Of Fantasyland SC
  • Ghastly Ones SC, The
  • Ghost Riders SC
  • Golden Skulls Social Crew
  • Goof Troop’s SC
  • Gracey Mansion Caretakers SC
  • Grape Soda Pin Club
  • Grizzly River Runners SC
  • Grumpy Raiders SC
  • Happy Haunters SC
  • Haunted Mansion Ghost Keepers SC
  • Haunted Mortals SC
  • Haunted Pirates SC, The
  • HelaRaisers SC
  • Hidden Mickeys SC
  • Hocus Pocus SC
hocus pocus social club disneyland
Credit: @hocuspocus_sc
on IG
  • Hollywood Soda Jerks SC
  • House of Mouse SC
  • Ink ‘N’ Paint SC, The
  • Inside Outsiders SC, The
  • Jawa Death Squad
  • Jedi Masters SC, The
  • Jessica Rabbit’s Gentleman’s Club
  • Jolly Pirates SC, The
  • Jolly Wrenches SC
  • Jungle Cruisers SC
  • Keyblade Masters SC
  • Kingdom Crew SC
  • Kingdom Seekers SC
  • Knights of Mandalor SC
  • Leia’s Lady Legacies SC
  • Leia’s Lil Lady Legacies SC
  • Lion King’s SC
  • Loki’s Army SC
  • Lonesome Ghosts SC, The
  • Looking Glass SC, The
  • Lord Palpatines Elite SC
  • Los Caballeros De Disneyland SC
  • Los Poco Locos SC
  • Lost Boys SC, The
  • Lost Skippers of Disneyland SC
lost skippers of disneyland social club gang
Credit: @lostskippersofdisneyland.sc on IG
  • Lucky Crickets SC, The
  • Mad T Zombies SC
  • Made Ya Look SC
  • Mado Elites SC
  • Magic Kings SC
  • Main Attraction SC, The
  • Main St Mistfits SC, The
  • Main Street Elite SC
main street elite
Credit: @crxbb
  • Main Street Maraunders SC
  • Main Street Mistfits SC
  • Main Street Pachyderms
  • Maleficent’s Minions SC
  • Man Cubs Disneyland
  • Mandos Batuu West SC
  • Mansion Militia SC
  • Mansion Mutts SC
  • Maroon Toons SC
  • Matterhorn Mountain Climbers
matterhorn mountain climber and stitch shenanigans social club
Credit: @ matterhorn_mountain_climber_sc
on IG
  • Mermaids and Mermen SC, The
  • Mice With Attitude SC (MWA)
  • Mice With Wings SC
  • Mickey Mulisha SC
  • Mickey’s Dreamers SC
  • Mickey’s Experiments SC
  • Mickey’s Fun Wheelers SC
  • Mickey’s Heartless SC
  • Mickey’s Kruegers SC
  • Mickey’s Little Monsters SC
  • Mickey’s Marvels
  • Mickey’s Misfits
  • Mickey’s Pink Ladies
  • Mickey’s Raiders SC
  • Mickey’s Tripods SC
  • Minnie’s Glam Squad SC
  • Misfits Of Olympus
  • Mondo Elites SC
  • Monorailers SC, The
  • Mouseketeers From Mars SC
  • Move Along Crew
  • Mozzketeers SC, The
  • Mr. Toads Wild Riders SC
  • MU Scare Club
  • Muppets of Mayhem SC
  • Murphy’s Outlaws
  • Neverland Ghosts SC
white rabbit social club disneyland and neverland ghosts disneyland gang
Credit: @thewhiterabbitssc on IG
  • Neverland Mermaids SC
  • Neverland Mistfits SC
  • Neverlanders SC, The
  • Night Howlers SC
  • Nightmare Crew SOCAL SC
  • Ohana Adventurers SC
  • Ohana TCB Crew
  • Once Upon a Timers SC
  • Oo-De-Lally Outlaws
  • Oogie Boogie’s Dice Rollers SC
  • Order 66 Social Club
  • Oswald Oddballs SC
  • Other Side Souls SC, The
  • Parkhoppers SC
  • Pesadillas De La Muerte SC
  • Pete’s Classic Racers
  • Pirate Lords SC
  • Plaid Vest Mafia
  • Point Break SC
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls SC
  • Port Royals SC, The
port royals disneyland sc
Credit: @portroyals.sc on IG
  • Princess Moana’s Royal Court SC
  • Privateers SC
  • Rapunzel’s Ruffians
  • Rebel Spirits SC
  • Rebels of Radiator Springs SC
  • Red Knights SC, The
  • Robin Hoods Of Disney SC
  • Rogue Squadron SC
  • Royal Cardsmen, The
  • Sally’s Apprentices SC
  • Sam Traders SC
  • Savage Vixens SC
  • Scar’s Army SC
  • Scary Teddy Crew SC
  • Schweitzer Falls Skippers SC, The
  • Secrets of the Wings SC
  • Shadow Crew SC, The
  • Shadowland Hyenas
  • Sid’s Toys SC
  • Silly Symphonies SC
  • Single Rider, The
  • Single Riders SC
  • Sith 182 SC
  • Skull Rock
  • Small World Travelers SC
small world travelers social club disneyland
Credit: @smallworldtravelerssc__
Sons of Anakin Disneyland social club disneyland gang vests
Credit: @thesonsofanakin on IG
  • Sons of Mickey SC
  • Sons of Tortuga SC
  • Sparrow Reapers SC
  • Star Gazers SC, The
  • Steamboat Outlawz SC
  • Stitch Shenanigans SC
  • Stitch’s Surfers
  • Straight Out Of Disney SC
  • Street Rats SC
  • Suited For Disney SC
  • Tattooed Ladies and Gentlemen of Adventureland SC, The
  • Team Dynamite Goat
  • Tigger Army SC
  • Tigger Tips
  • Tightrope Tootsies / Dynamite Dudes
  • Tiki Ohana SC
  • Tomorrowland Ravagers SC
  • Toon Patrol SC, The
  • Toon Squad
  • Toontown Fight Club
  • Toontown Terrors
  • Totally Scrooged
  • Trader Sam’s Tribe SC
  • Trainhoppers Lilly Belles SC
  • Trainhoppers SC
  • Tron City Guardians
  • Troopers of Wonderland SC
  • Tweedles SC, The
  • Un Poco Loco Social Club
  • Villain’s Most Wanted
  • Vinyl Freaks SC
  • Voodoo Crew SC
  • Waltineer, The
  • Walt’s Bombshells SC
  • Walt’s Death Squad
  • Walt’s Doom Crew
  • Walt’s Memories
  • Walt’s Most Wanted SC
walts most wanted disney world social club
Credit: @
on IG
  • Walt’s Wanted SC
  • Wayfinders SC, The
  • We Are Groot SC
  • Weary Travelers SC, The
  • Were All Mad Here SC
  • West Wing Wanderers
  • White Rabbits SC, The
  • Wonderland Asylum SC
  • Wonderlanders SC
  • Young Ones SC, The
  • Wreckers The

Looking for a more Disney World Social Club instead? There are a few groups out there that frequent both coasts, and some that focus on Florida, including the Adventurers Social Club. They bill themselves as a Walt Disney World Resort club “based on Walt’s values and spreading magic all around the world.” It was founded in May 2016, and can be found on Instagram.

disney world adventurers social club
Credit: @adventurerssc on IG

The Bangarang Babe group also look to frequent WDW, though their home base is Southern California and Disneyland. Check out their social media and fall in love with their style, “the sparkliest, most colorful, most faaaaabulous SC [social club] in Disneyland! Established 4/2014.”

bangarang babes disney world social club
Credit: @the_bangerang_babes
on IG

How to Join the Disneyland Social Clubs

This is where the Disney Social Clubs might behave like a motorcycle gang. The groups are typically close-knit, even if their size is large, and they want to get to know you! After sending a message (like a DM on Instagram), the group may ask you questions, and label you as a “prospect.” This means you are a “prospective member” of the group and may go through a trial period. Social Clubs of Disney explains this process further:

Disney Social Clubs are a well established community of Disney loving people, and we pretty much guarantee that if you look, you’ll find a club you want to join. Use these patches as your jumping off point, when you see one you like, click on it and check out that Club’s information. Every club has different rules, guidelines, and way that they’re run, so it’s easy to find one that has interests similar to yours. Then all you have to do is reach out, and meet up.

Prospecting is an incredibly important part of the SC community. Clubs respect people who take the time and make the effort to find a club that they fit into. Unfortunately most people don’t want to take the time to get know the clubs. They just want a patch. They see themselves in the park, wearing a patch that looks cool, and don’t understand that this is a true community, and that the best way to get the respect of the community is to get in line, wait your turn, and earn your place. You earn your patch, you earn respect.

social clubs of disney patch examples
Credit: Social Clubs of Disney

After learning about the Social Club of Disney, are you interested in joining one? Leave us a comment below with what Disney Social Club meets your style!

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