Vandalism and Gang Activity Witnessed at Disney Park

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When most people hear the name “Disneyland,” they typically imagine hugs from Mickey and Minnie, rollercoasters, corndogs, and cotton candy, not secret societies and gang colors. According to a recent interview, this celebrity might have uncovered some shady dealings at Disney after dark.

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Disneyland has always been known as the happiest place on earth, and many famous figures from movie stars to presidents have been seen enjoying what the Park has to offer. However, one celebrity Disney Adult recently came forward with reports of some seriously suspicious activity.

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Rebel Wilson, known for roles in Pitch Perfect, Isn’t It Romantic, and The Hustle, recently shared her experience at Disneyland during her recent Daily Show interview. Along with her recent engagement at the Park and receiving a 30-day ban after taking a scandalous selfie, the actress shared her knowledge of gang activity and Disney’s “Illuminati.”

After admitting to being a Disney Adult, Wilson shared with Hasan Minhaj,

“Did you know that there’s actually Disney gangs at Disneyland? There’s actually gangs that have cool names like ‘The White Rabbits’ or ‘Children of Thanos,’ ‘Coco Locos’… They sometimes wear these matching vests and they walk around and like do gang stuff at Disneyland.” 

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Wilson further went on and described one of the gang’s initiation rituals. The actress revealed,

“One of the initiations was that you had to steal the apple from the Snow White ride. And the apple kept getting stolen so many times that they had to make it a hologram…”

Further on in the interview, Wilson also shared her connection to what host Hasan Minhaj referred to as “Disney’s Illuminati.” After confirming her involvement with Disney’s infamous Club 33, Wilson added,

“Yeah, I am in it, and we do secret cool s*** together… Like, sometimes we go to Disneyland at 5:30 in the morning and just run around. We have a secret gathering in Palm Springs because Walt Disney used to go there to find inspiration.”

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Truth is stranger than fiction, but Wilson assured Minhaj and their audience that while the described activities sound incredibly bizarre, they’re “totally real.” Whether the actress is entirely sincere in her claims is just something only Club 33 members can truly confirm for certain.

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