Six Flags Guest “Nearly Dies” on Roller Coaster, Given Snack Voucher

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Guests riding the Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure

Credit: Six Flags

After surviving a dangerous malfunction on a roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, a guest was simply shrugged off. And fans of the amusement park are not happy.

Guests riding Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure
Credit: Six Flags

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Without a doubt, Six Flags Great Adventure is one of the best theme parks for roller coaster enthusiasts. Located in New Jersey, Great Adventure is home to some of the most intense and exciting coaster experiences in the world, including Kingda Ka, Jersey Devil, Superman: Ultimate Flight, and El Toro.

That being said, safety should always be the number one concern of any theme park, especially after a year that seems to be filled with different accidents, injuries, and even deaths. Unfortunately, it looks like Six Flags Great Adventure may have dropped the ball, according to one of their guests.

Six Flags Great Adventure Guest “Suffers PTSD” After Dangerous Roller Coaster Malfunction

Massive Wooden Coaster Finally Reopens After Being Shut Down Following Scary Incident
Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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In a video on TikTok, Six Flags guest Sammy Quinn, known as SammyTQuinn, recounted her traumatizing experience. She was riding a popular roller coaster at Great Adventure when the ride restraints “completely popped up” about midway through the ride. “So I’m flipping out, and now I think I’m gonna die. I’m on a roller coaster, and I have nothing to hold me down,” said Quinn. Fortunately, she and her fellow passenger were able to hold the restraint down for the remainder of the ride.

In a situation like this, you’d think that park employees would want to help and remedy the problem as soon as possible. However, this did not seem to be the case. “The ride comes to a stop… I get off the ride. I told the attendant, I’m like, ‘Hey. While I was on the ride, my restraint completely popped up, and I had to hold it down so I didn’t die.’ She goes, ‘Oh. I’m sorry.'” And that was the end of it.


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After the effect that both the malfunction and the employee had on her, Quinn took this issue to guest relations, where the response was equally insulting. “I now have PTSD, and I am terrified. I will never go on another roller coaster again in my life,” she said. “I went to guest relations to complain, and my life is worth a snack voucher. For Dippin’ Dots. So there ya go.”

While Quinn never explicitly said which ride it was in the original video, multiple commenters guessed it was El Toro. This famous roller coaster has experienced multiple shutdowns for repairs in the past few years. Quinn confirmed this in a later video.

Staci Wheeler, a Six Flags Great Adventure spokesperson, said there were no complaints about El Toro on the day Quinn went to the theme park. “Safety is our number one priority. We paused operation of this particular ride for a full inspection and found all systems operating as designed,” said Wheeler. “Guests and team members are always encouraged to bring any health, cleanliness, service, or maintenance concerns to our attention.” Despite this, fans are upset on Quinn’s behalf.

“Welcome to New Jersey” Fans Infuriated Over Guest’s Treatment

Cyborg Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure
Credit: Six Flags

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In the comments on the video, people have rallied behind Quinn over the incident. Many can relate to these issues happening at Six Flags Great Adventure, with one user saying, “Welcome to New Jersey! This is a typical Tuesday at Great Adventure.” Others shared similar experiences on other roller coasters at the park, including Medusa, Batman The Ride, and Nitro.

Finally, one commenter asked the most important question of all: “What Dippin’ Dots did you get?” Sammy Quinn replied in a response video, saying she got vanilla Dippin’ Dots in the largest size possible “because my life is worth a large size vanilla Dippin’ Dots.”

Vanilla Dippin' Dots surrounded by vanilla beans and a white flower
Credit: Dippin’ Dots

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Despite having a sense of humor about the incident, this is an awful thing to happen to someone. If what she says is true, Six Flags Great Adventure should have taken this much more seriously, especially in a year filled with multiple amusement park incidents and fatalities. While vanilla Dippin’ Dots are delicious, they are not nearly as valuable as a person’s life.

Do you think Six Flags Great Adventure should do more regarding safety? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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