Massive Wooden Coaster Finally Reopens After Being Shut Down Following Scary Incident

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Massive Wooden Coaster Finally Reopens After Being Shut Down Following Scary Incident

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One of the world’s biggest wooden roller coasters, the El Toro roller coaster, has reopened after being shut down for almost a year following a scary incident involving 13 passengers receiving injuries. Here’s what we know.

El Toro roller coaster
Credit: Six Flags

The Incident That Took Place on El Toro

For those who are not aware, El Toro in Six Flags Great Adventure closed down in August of 2022 following a scary accident involving 13 passengers injured while riding the massive wooden coaster. The accident occurred on August 25 when multiple people received minor injuries after the train carrying them hit a “pothole” in the coaster, which is said to be a slight separation between the steel track and the wooden structure of the coaster. News of the incident spread like wildfire as many fans and Guests were shocked to hear that the beloved wooden coaster would shut down indefinitely.

For the last few months since the coaster shut down, no further news or reports have come out of the theme Park industry – until now. Several reports and news information were released in June indicating that the ride was gearing up for a grand reopening shortly. These reports have proven true as the ride is officially open at Six Flags Great Aventure.

El Toro roller coaster
Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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El Toro Roller Coaster Reopens to the Public After 10 Months Being Shut Down

Over the last several weeks, reports have pointed to El Toro reopening to the public this month. Theme Park Tourist released an update on their coverage of this roller coaster just yesterday. Their report mentioned how several media outlets reported on the wooden coaster testing again. The ride finally opened to the public on June 17 but was shut down again for a brief amount of time. As of June 27, the ride is open again for all to ride.

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Official testing began on the ride on June 6, following the above YouTube released by ElToroRyan, giving us a quick glimpse into the testing being conducted again. Then, finally, the ride was announced to have reopened on June 17, following a lengthy closure due to the incident involving that pothole on the ride.

ElToroRyan continued to give fans frequent updates on the ride with detailed videos of possible reopening timeframes and the testing finally commencing earlier this month again.

El Toro roller coaster
Credit: Six Flags Great Adventure

Now, after a minor opening on June 17, the massive fan-favorite wooden coaster is back up and running smoothly and beautifully, according to recent reports online. The coaster is in operation with no set delays or closures in the coming weeks, which was perfect timing as the July 4 weekend is just a few days away. Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest coaster inside the same theme Park in New Jersey, began testing again following a launch cable snapping mid-ride. Thankfully, no riders were injured. Cedar Point in Sandusky also appears to be gearing up for the return of the triumphant Top Thrill Dragster, which is set to reopen in 2024 following an incident where a piece of the coaster fell out and onto a woman, striking her on the head, causing some series injuries. These coasters in North America are still considered some of the safest rides anywhere around the globe.

Are you thrilled about the El Toro wooden roller coaster reopening after ten months of shuttering?

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