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Guests riding the Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure

Credit: Six Flags


  1. Cynthia

    Seems like the employees don’t get paid enough to truly care about anything. And no training on what to do in that case or any other thing.

    1. Pj

      It seems to me the inspectors aren’t doing their job, if they did there wouldn’t be all these accidents.

    2. Michael

      Do you even know how much they get paid?

      Money ≠ Caring Employees
      Good Employees = Caring Employees

      I cared about my job even when I was making $3.35/hr, and I’ve seen people making $100k/year not give a crap.

  2. Sk

    At six flags over Texas on batman few yrs ago, at the 1st drop the bar came undone on me. Rode whole ride in the loop and turns all the way pulling it down wouldn’t lock. All the gave me was a pass to skip line on any ride in the park. They still ran that same train so I told the guest don’t ride in that seat so no one got hurt.. them parks are useless don’t have enough maintenance guys cuz to picky on people with tattoos it’s 100%b.s…

  3. Alene Natale

    I worked in Guest Relations years ago & they do take it extremely serious!!!! I find it hard to believe that’s what they gave her!!! A receipt like that is NOT how these come!!!! Also u DO NOT get PTSD that fast !!!! She’s exaggerating, they would NEVER ask u to hold ANY lever down!!!!! I was there working when the Superman ride first opened & malfunctioned while riders were upside down!!! They got each one out safety, it took about an hr than WE COMPENSATED each person on that ride!!!

    1. Jessie phillips

      Ummm yes you can get post traumatic stress disorder that quick, which is caused by a traumatic event, also, 6 flags only cares about how much money they make nowadays

      1. Erin


    2. The person involved had PTSD way before the incident on the ride.

    3. Chris little

      Thank you Alene Natale! OMG someone else who’s same but me! Does this girl know that if six flags pulls up her picture she didn’t buy from six flags to show this. If she was midway there is atleast the picture you can buy that hasn’t been passed by. So when they pull that up, she has her hands in the air from (self diagnosis ptsd) if she wants to make more trouble about this with no proof, she be happy she got dippen dots. Come on baby sue six flags you phony! I’ve been to atleast 9 six flags between America and canada! I’ve been on so many Rollercoaster I lost count 15 years ago. If I had to guess its close to 300! Six flags you need an employee!? Love you guy!

    4. Thomas Prescott

      Unless the story was made up.

    5. Erin

      You must be the Six flags Rep, huh? You’re do sure that this DID NOT HAPPEN on that day, but I completely believe the lady. And, yes, you can get PTSD that fast. Her life was in jeopardy and all you can do is say the same thing all of the employees of six flags say. “No, that didn’t happen to you, “, or ,”I’m sorry. Bye!!!”. You are calling this lady a liar. Shame on you!!

      1. A

        This has been confirmed fake by six flags staff. While yes she did go to guest relations that day, she did not mention anything about El Toro and the El Toro ride crew said no incidents were reported. So no, she was not in any danger nor did she get PTSD she’s making stuff up to get famous on tiktok

    6. S

      You certainly can get PTSD from an incident like that, and it can happen very quickly. It’s a situation where the rider thought she was going to die. Do you understand what PTSD is?

  4. Lynn Carol Feinn

    They need to take things more seriously for God’s sake! You gave the rider a snack voucher? I guess the incident wasn’t important.

  5. Guy

    This is crazy what’s going on with the person who’s it is make sure people are lock in your playing with life’s

  6. Aegee

    And this, my friends, is why you can’t believe every story someone posts on Tiktok for likes and attention. Six Flags did nothing because this didn’t happen. 🤣🤣

    These restraints literally cannot open during the ride. They literally CANNOT. The default position is locked. They need to be manually opened or they need power, which you get from the station. They do not just fly open.

    1. Reality

      Exactly, she’s full of it. So lame this site is giving her a platform.

    2. x

      yea I’m not believing this either.

    3. Misty

      Does this roller coaster have a double restraint? You know, a seatbelt in addition to the laptop or shoulder harness. I thought roller coasters let the operator know if something malfunctioned, even mid-ride. I wasn’t there, but it sounds a bit exaggerated to me. She’ll be back to riding the roller coasters in no time.

    4. Reason

      Exactly, this did not happen. This site shouldn’t be giving this wannabe influencer a platform.

    5. Steve

      And exactly how did a friend help her hold down the restraint? It’s a single seat!

    6. K

      And the fact that El Torro also has seatbelts. ..

  7. Krystal

    It sounds like they should of took the roller coaster on a few more tests runs before they let people ride it because people dying on their ride they can get sued for that.

    1. A theme park enthusiast

      It’s pretty sad how many people actually believe that the person telling the story wasn’t lying and that a park would allow that level of negligence… As well as an employee would care so little about a job where not only would they be fired, but they could be held accountable if anyone was injured or killed on the ride due to their negligence.

  8. Charity

    Get paid or not that is someone’s life. Sounds to me theyre very unprofessional and maybe just a little stoned. Maybe they need to go over safety and what to do in situations like that. In case were to ever happen again. We all hope never happens, but should def be well prepared. Only 1 dippin dot.. should have got for life or least 1year free. Ignorant and sad to say the least. How could you be like ” thank God u didn’t die, here is 1free dippin dot” so very unprofessional def need to take a course in safety and what to do in those situations.

    1. Thomas Prescott

      I think the better explanation here is the TikTok’er is fabricating a story for views or is ignorant on how ratcheting restraints operate. Restraints just don’t release like that. It doesn’t happen.

      A ratcheting restraint may seem to come up a bit during times of high forces. That’s pretty normal. Guests will think the restraint had released, when in reality it’s operating just fine.

      Restraints have multiple redundancies in them, they don’t release unless power is applied to the car (which happens only in the station).

  9. x

    I call B.S.

  10. El Toro

    If this was El Toro as rumored, you have a lap belt you fasten before the restraint bar is lowered. Story seems suspect as there is no mention of a belt (and El Toro doesn’t go upside down). Maybe she was on the kiddie coaster.

  11. Thomas Prescott

    That TikTok video smells of some grade-A bullhockey.

  12. Anne Strawn

    That’s so sad! This girl could have died and all they give her was dippin dots? Not me! I’d have caused a scene. I love new Jersey’s 6 flags and drive the 3 hours from ny frequently but this is crazy! She should have at least gotten a diamond membership with ALL benefits free! I’d never wanna go back there. And I’ve rode El Toro once it’s a rough coaster!

  13. Shirley weber

    I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m glad you are safe. Same thing happened to me a kings island in Mason, Ohio. And they did NOTHING just laughed it off and said glad your ok.

  14. Ang

    In a world full of people catching everything on video, friend shouldve caught the interaction at guest relations response with the voucher and you never shouldve used the voucher. Taken both to a lawyers office and said, :when are we going to court? Because my life is only worth this voucher”

  15. Devin

    In my opinion as a previous ride operator for Disneyland and sea world. As well as six flags over Texas. You better believe me that my guests safety comes first and I definitely double check the restraint and make sure everyone is safe. Because I don’t dispatch the ride unless it’s safe. That’s just me I’m not the selfish type.

  16. Michael

    So, she self diagnosed her PTSD in a matter of minutes and didn’t even say which coaster she was on? I’m calling BS.

  17. Michael

    A website connected to Disney posting crap about Six Flags? Yeah, seems legit!

  18. Kathryn

    That’s horrible. I was just at six flags and my son’s friend took his phone out on a ride and they banned him for a year. He’s only 13. I get consequences but geeze and a few weeks ago when an employee was buckling my 6 year old in he told her she should eat more vegetables. My 6 year old asked me if she was fat. Never should that have happened Im so done

  19. Anubis

    I got a Six Flags every weekend. I’ve been on the Jersey devil more than a 100 × 4 it to pop open. Or anything else, it’s not a malfunction. Because everything has sensors on it, personnel Screw up
    This isn’t the first of the last time. Does someone says it open up when it locks? It locks, but it will skips a whole. From the lock, it will open up. My nephews opened app is skip the hole where the lock goes. Mine’s open app how to hold it down all the way through the ride. And as soon as we slow down that, we will coming to a stop. It decided to lock lock.
    They need to really check all the sensors and fire. Everybody that works in the park because they don’t care about anybody. Their rude obnoxious some of them are okay but a lot of don’t

  20. Anubis

    It’s funny because you see, belts are on the restraining bar. The seat belt should be directly on the cart. It’s impossible to do because you can’t reach the cart in front of you and you can’t reach the cart behind you. So she’s making up a story, sorry. It’s impossible to do because you can’t reach the cart in front of you and you can’t reach the cart behind you. So she’s making up a story, sorry. I’ve been on that ride more than a 100 times When you get on, it’s still moving. When it locks, you have to make sure it’s down all the way. And then they’ll check it, or they’ll lock it, and if you’ll see or feel it, they’re still open. Then you have to scream and say something about it. Don’t just let it keep going. It’s not just personal from the park. It also depends on you as well. You have to do your part too.

  21. J

    El Toro doesn’t have any inversions, it has lap belts, two hydraulic pistons to keep down the lap bar (BOTH of which must fail before a restraint pops open, and NEITHER had the required power to open since the ride was on its track), and one of the hardest-working and safest ride crews I’ve ever seen.
    The fact that you published this story with any sense of siding with her is laughable, honestly. She was given a snack voucher for the trouble of going through telling her made-up story.

  22. Kaelyn

    Soooo she’s obviously lying. In her original video you can see that she’s stuttering her words and almost says “It *almost* popped up.” Also several park employees have reached out with information that she did go to Guest Services and they inspected her claims, which turned out to be false, and asked her to please stop spreading lies. The face that she also didn’t initially say which rollercoaster it was, tells me that it’s fake. She’s simply a teen on TikTok looking for attention. That’s why I rarely go on TikTok anymore… Also rollercoaster experts have explained all of this and the build of the coaster and how what she claimed had happened, would be impossible. Hopefully yall aren’t believing this obvious lie…

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