Six Flags Over Georgia Announces Never-Before-Seen Coaster

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Six Flags over georgia

Credit: Six Flags

Beloved theme park Six Flags Over Georgia has announced a brand new roller coaster that is unlike anything you have seen before.

A family enjoying the Log Jamboree at Six Flags Over Georgia
Credit: Six Flags

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Six Flags Over Georgia is one of the best theme parks on the East Coast, with a plethora of thrilling attractions, including Thunder River, Log Jamboree, the Riverview Carousel, Monster Mansion, a great water park, and the ever-popular Fright Fest.

But if there’s one thing that the Thrill Capital of the South is known for, it’s roller coasters. The park is filled with almost a dozen coasters renowned throughout the world, including Batman: The Ride, Great American Scream Machine, Dare Devil Dive, Twisted Cyclone, the Dahlonega Mine Train, Superman: Ultimate Flight, and the Georgia Scorcher. And in 2024, they’re adding a new and unique option to that list.

Six Flags Over Georgia ‘Ultra Surf’ is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

New water coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia: Ultra Surf
Credit: Six Flags

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At Coaster Fest, Six Flags Over Georgia announced that a brand-new, never-before-seen roller coaster was coming to the amusement park in 2024. The new thrill ride, called Ultra Surf, will launch passengers forward and backward at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

That’s right, this is a water coaster. Ultra Surf will be located where the Splashwater Falls ride used to be, offering a new experience for passengers to get drenched at the park! There is even a splash zone marked for guests who just want to cool off by getting hit by a massive wave.

While it may seem like we’ve seen this before with AQUAMAN: Powerwave at Six Flags Over Texas, there’s one significant difference that sets Ultra Surf apart from other water coasters: the unique ride vehicle. On top of the giant surfboard sits two sets of “free-spinning seats and get ready to experience unmatched weightless airtime,” leading Six Flags to promise that “no two ride experiences are the same!”

While the ride is currently referred to as Ultra Surf, the name isn’t set in stone. In fact, Six Flags Over Georgia revealed that there will be an opportunity for fans to help name the new thrill ride.

In a park with so many exciting coasters and attractions, it has been missing the presence of a giant water ride since Splashwater Falls had been removed. Ultra Surf is a great way to bring a unique experience while satisfying this missing element.

What would you name this brand-new water coaster? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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