Six Flags’ New Innovative Aquaman Coaster

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Six Flags Over Texas Aquaman: Power Wave

Credit: Six Flags

Everyone’s favorite King of Atlantis is making his presence known at Six Flags Over Texas with the innovative new AQUAMAN: Power Wave water coaster in Arlington, Texas.

Boat splashing through the water with Aquaman
Credit: Six Flags

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Six Flags is a company known for its exciting thrill rides, and it looks like it just added a new invigorating coaster unlike any other! Located in the USA Area of the Park, AQUAMAN: Power Wave is the first launching water coaster in North America and the 14th coaster at Six Flags Over Texas.

Created by the German company Mack Rides, the first launching water coaster, Pulsar, was built in 2016 at Walibi, Belgium. Lovingly referred to as a “PowerSplash” ride, there are only three in the world, making Six Flags Over Texas even more of an exciting destination.

A view of Aquaman: Power Wave and the rest of Six Flags Over Texas
Credit: Six Flags

The coaster was first announced in 2019, and construction began immediately and was just as quickly delayed due to the pandemic. However, that became an opportunity for Mack Rides to redesign the ride so it had a higher carrying capacity, meaning that waits would be even shorter. Construction was finished in August of 2022, but the opening was delayed to bring in excited spring breakers.

Dive Into the Details

AQUAMAN: Power Wave is a launch-style water coaster reaching up to 63 mph on over 700 feet of track. It also has two boats that fit 20 people each on a turn-table station.

Rendered Entrance
Credit: Six Flags

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It may seem simple because the ride has no curves, but AQUAMAN: Power Wave has plenty of twists and turns for riders. It starts by launching passengers backward over a small hill for some air time and into a 150-foot-tall tower. Then they head forward back over the hump and into another tower.

This repeats a few times, building momentum and speed as you go. In the final backward moment, riders enter into a 90-degree face-down hold that sends them plunging into the water for a massive splash as they head back into the station.

If you’d like to check out AQUAMAN: Power Wave, there is an official POV video on the Six Flags Over Texas website. Or even better, you can head down to Arlington, Texas and experience it in person. Warning: you will get wet!

What do you think of the new coaster? Would you like to see more rides like this? Let us know in the comments below.


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