What To Do if Your Child Is Lost at Disney

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The very idea of a child getting lost at Disney is terrifying, whether it’s Walt Disney World’s center, Hollywood Studios, or Discovery Island. There is plenty of trained cast and security staff. However, the parent takes a key role in the Disney World solution.

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What To Do if Your Child Is Lost at Disney

Understanding what to do if your child is lost at Disney means quick thinking, and that’s easiest when you plan in advance. A report from a parent who suffered through a child lost at Disney offered advice from personal experiences.

To keep you prepared, these steps break down exactly what to do if your little one gets lost at any Disney theme park so you can get back to enjoying the magic safely.

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1. Plan and Inform in Advance

While the Disney Resort visitor said the whole ordeal only lasted 10 or 15 minutes, they were terrifying. A lost item is one thing, a missing child is another. If traveling in a group to Walt Disney World, make sure there is a clear muster point.

It helps to understand that Walt Disney World Resorts are big. With some heading to Indiana Jones, while others are off to Star Wars, splitting up can happen.

Ensure that kids know when to hold hands, to stay at your side, and to listen to parents before the trip, whether it’s Animal Kingdom or any other theme park.

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2. Take Pictures and Have them Handy

Information is power. Work with your little Walt Disney World Resort tourist to memorize contact details. Also, ensure that they are written down and on their person (especially if the child is young).

When you hit the Magic Kingdom or visit the Small World, take a moment to snap a picture. This has two purposes; to preserve the Disney Park memory and to have immediate access to an image of what your child looks like during the Walt Disney World Resort visit.

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3. Act Quickly and Calmly

Planning is good, and the Walt Disney Company has a lot of measures in place to protect kids. But ultimately it is up to the parents to act immediately upon noticing that their child is missing in a Disney Park.

Remain calm by controlling your breathing and remembering the plan you have in place for any Disney Park issue. Get help. You can call their name and do a visual search smoothly, or get frantic. The former is better, allowing you to (if not spot your child) find a cast member.

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4. Involve Staff Promptly

If you see something at Walt Disney World Resorts, say something. That means finding the closest Disney Park professional and informing them of the situation. From there, the trained Disney Resort staff can follow the internal protocols for getting your child back to you. This is also where the photos come in handy.

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5. Embrace Technology

Whether you have a young teen that wants a trip to Magic Kingdom or to visit a theme park attraction alone or a toddler that might turn into a lost child, technology can be a friend. It can be part of the plan you create to prevent the whole lost child situation.

From temporary phones to watches with tracking devices, there are prolific ways to track a lost child. They needn’t be permanent, but to find a lost kid amidst Hollywood Studios or the Magic Kingdom, it seems like foregoing privacy for protection might be worthwhile to protect a child.

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6. Remain Vigilant

This is perhaps the most significant way to safely navigate Walt Disney Company properties. Remaining vigilant, despite the crowds and magic is important when going to any Disney Park.

Yes, there is many a cast member or Walt Disney staffer to ask for help. But the primary responsibility falls to the caregiver. That means whether traveling in the United States or abroad, knowing your child and planning accordingly is the best way to offer protection through prevention.

Do you have any advice about what to do if you or a loved one has a child lost at Disney World? Share in the comments below!

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