“It’s Scary”, Guest Finds Tracking Device on Them During Disney Trip

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A concerned Guest ran to social media after discovering they had been tracked after their trip to Disneyland.

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When Guests go to Disney World, they often expect to have a magical time, in a very safe environment. The Disney Parks all have some of the best safety measures in both their theme parks and Resorts, and Cast Members are always looking out for Guests’ safety, ensuring that they are under the best care possible.

Although the My Disney Experience app can often track Guests’ location while they use it, at least Guests can be comforted in knowing that that information is not public. However, one Guest went to social media to warn others about their scary experience recently.

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In a thread shared on Twitter, actress, and writer Hannah Rose May (@Hannahrosemay) shared their very frightening experience after visiting the Disneyland Resort:

An apple AirTag was put on me to track my location Saturday night. I’m sharing what happened to me so you know what to look for as I had never heard of this prior to Saturday night.

I was an after hours event at Disneyland from 11:45pm to 2am. I got a “Find My” notification at the end of the night that I didn’t think anything of but opened it anyway and it turned out to be this… someone had been tracking me for two hours.

The Guest followed the thread up with the following tweet:

Fortunately for me, I was able to disable it right before driving home. And I never wandered alone, to get a drink or use the bathroom. I stayed with a group.

They also commented on how the situation could’ve made a turn for the worst:

Airtags are the size of a coin. It’s scary how easy they are to slip into a pocket or purse. Originally created to locate your keys it’s evident they are being used for more bad than good.

The happiest place on earth could of very easily turned into my worst nightmare.

Thankfully, the Guest realized they were being tracked and was able to disable the device. The device used was an Apple AirTag, a device designed to help people find their keys or other personal items. Unforuentaly, it has also been used to track people, as this story is not even the first time we have covered something like this happening to Guests at Disney.

The Guest went on to share that they had received several messages from others who have experienced this as well in the LA area, indicating it is becoming somewhat prevalent.

Have you ever used an Apple AirTag?

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